We ♥ Sundays!

Families Have Two Special Times to Be Together

"The Church has established two special times for families to be together. The first is centered around the proper observance of the Sabbath day. This is the time we are to attend our regular meetings together, study the life and teachings of the Savior and of the prophets. 'Other appropriate Sunday activities include 

(1) writing personal and family journals, 
(2) holding family councils, 
(3) establishing and maintaining family organizations for the immediate and extended family, 
(4) personal interviews between parents and children, 
(5) writing to relatives and missionaries, 
(6) genealogy, 
(7) visiting relatives and those who are ill or lonely, 
(8) missionary work, 
(9) reading stories to children, and 
(10) singing Church hymns.' 

"The second time is Monday night. We are to teach our children in a well-organized, regular family home evening. No other activities should involve our family members on Monday night. This designated time is to be with our families."

Sundays are so lovely. We are so blessed to have a Sundays in Utah, where most shops are closed and it really feels like a Sabbath day. We also love our ward and stake.

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