What's your secret?

There really isn't any huge secret about my weight loss, except for the basics, which is to cut down your intake and remain consistent with my daily workout routine. However, I do want to share my journey with you. I started in January 2011 at 280 pounds, wearing a size 24 in jean size. I started with a prescription of Phentermine (37.5mg) for the first 3 months (90 days from February to April). This helped me cut down my intake, by suppressing my appetite. I tried hard to stick to either 3 regular meals per day, or 6 smaller meals per day. I attempted to follow the Palumbo diet for the first three months, eating lots of Protein and enjoying my free day of junk, per week. I dropped about 10 pounds per month, weighing only 250 pounds. The next month (May) I fasted on the Lemon Cleansing Diet, for 20 days, dropping another 30 pounds and weighing 220 pounds. In June, I had gained 25 pounds from all the summer festivities, luncheon and dinners, weight 245 pounds. During this time from February to June, I started working out with light weight lifting and intense cardio, but exercise was still not a regular or daily activity for me. I worked out 2 to 3 times a week. I had even skipped a few full weeks of working out at the gym.

In July I made it my goal to, "EXERCISE" everyday. I realized that my husbands weight really started to noticeably shed, when working out became a daily activity and not just a 2 or 3 times a week thing. So, I pushed myself every morning to get up and go to the gym with my husband. He was my biggest supporter. In the morning when I woke up with unexpected swelling, my husband would literally dress me and help me out of bed to freshen up and head to the gym. My husband is the drive behind my motivation and determination. Now, workout is part of our daily routine. We work out 6 days a week. I even started to challenge my body to burn more than the day before. I tried longer repetitions with light weights or resistance bands. When I was home and bored, I would play a Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Zumba, Hula Cardio or Tae Bo  workout routines from Cable On Demand or Torrent DL, and get my sweat on. My intense Cardio sessions at the gym, would last an hour or two, burning anywhere from 1500 calories to 3500 calories.

In July, I really cut down the intake, to almost and some days eating only one bowl of low fat cereal (high in Fiber) for breakfast, one cup of light yogurt for lunch and a fat free cup of yogurt for dinner. My calorie intake for the day would always be less than what I burned at the gym. I would take in less than 1000 calories a day. I don't ever think about food. When I'm hungry, I'll put a little something something in, just to stop the growling of my tummy. I drink lots and lots of water, Gatorade and Powerade, through out the day. The more I keep myself hydrated the less hungry I was. I even started to listen to my body. I would listen to my stomach. Asking if I was really hungry or bored. This led to my new rule of thumb to follow, "Eat to Live and not Live to Eat". Food just became unimportant to me. I only need one slice of Pizza or have of a Hamburger for my stomach to be satisfied and full. I really started to cut weight this month, going from 245 pounds down to 220 pounds.

In August and September, I stuck to this daily workout routine and low intake diet. It became so much easier to follow this, because my stomach had adjusted so much and is now use to eating little but working out really hard. I dropped down to 215 pounds. By the time Halloween came and left in October, I dropped another 10 pounds, weighing only 205. Mondays, are always a little hard, because my body is recuperating from the weekend. My weight would fluctuate because my weekend weight would increase with a bit more intake and enjoying rest day, Sunday. Today, I am 207 pounds and wearing a size 16 in denim jeans. I know by the end of this week, I'll be closer to my 200 pounds mark. Also, cut out the junk. Substitute the junk with something healthy for a snack, even when craving and trying to satisfy that sweet tooth. When you eating out, make sure that you're ordering something that's healthy and yummy. So many restaurants offer Simply Fit or Healthy options. When going for something quick on the go, like fast food, try a kids meal or eat half of your adult meal. You really don't need that much food. Ya feel?

I weigh myself everyday, morning and night. On the weekends, I try out all my small clothes or buy a smaller piece of clothing from the store. This would motivate me to work harder to get the body, I have always wanted. Music is another form of motivation, along with dance. Pictures of myself before and after would keep me on track with my health goals. So overall, 75 pounds down and 25 more to go. My goal weight by Valentine's Day 2012 is 180 pounds, wearing a size 12 or 10. I believe that at the rate I'm going, this goal is realistically attainable. It's become so easy, because it's a CHANGE in my lifestyle. My husband, my brother and I, don't even diet anymore. We eat whatever we want to eat now, without over doing it. We eat a good breakfast, then snack through out the day. This is now the normal thing for us. We no longer count the calories, we just know what we're taking in and what needs to be done, to work it off the next day. I'm driven to look great and to THRIVE in my THIRTIES! So, what's the secret you ask? It's simple. Stick to the basics! Eat less and exercise more. Stop talking about it and JUST DO IT! Shut up and Do the Dew, already!



Happy Halloween!

Carving with my brothers Joon, Jerome, my husband Sho and daughter Lana. 

Sho, Mine, Lana and Joon's Pumpkins.
 Lana as, "Ghoulia Yelps" of Monster High.
Lana w/Grandpa Jack Sparrow

 My brother Lolo (Joon) as Zombie from Walking Dead
These two silly kids. LoL!

Happy Birthday to Me! XO (09/24/80)

I'm not big on Birthday's, but this year I really embraced the new year, turning 31. I used to think 30 was old, now 30 is the new 20. At my mid 20's up to nearly 30, I had gained so much weight and was even diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, and Early Dementia-related Psychos. I've really taken time to reflect on my past and plan for my future. This required major changes in my life. So here's to THRIVING in my THIRTIES! Cheers! XO

Roe, Lana, Drea & I @ Sushi Ya.

My husband Sho & I @ Tapenyaki.

My Family & I @ Asia Buffet. 

Ps. Thank you cousin Drea, my husband Sho and my Parents for taking me out for my birthday. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Asian food. XO LoL