I know I'm so late because my body has been in so much pain and I've been so busy, but I wanted to wish my two brothers Solomone Kulikefu Egon Tuha (MONE) & Loloa A'Tonga Latu Tuha (JOON) a very merry HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY. On April 23rd 1984 & 1986, our Heavenly Father has blessed me with two most amazing brothers ever. 

I could never ask for better siblings than my two favorite brothers. They mean the world to me. My younger brothers have always been like sons to me. Sitting, watching and caring for them, throughout my life, while mom worked 2 to 3 jobs to support us, during the year’s daddy was out of town or country. 

Mone and Joon have brought so much love, happiness, excitement and joy to me. I love them so much. I love Mone and his beautiful wife Ashly. They have done so much for my family. They love without fail. Mone is like everyone's best friend. He has such a great heart. He's always so calm and collected. He's always counseling and deflating any issue to avoid drama. He's always smiling and all about having a good time. You can never tell when he's having a bad day. His smile will brighten anyone's day. 

I love my brother Joon, who is a great example of hard work and dedication. He's a go getter. He's always motivated, honest and true. He's a mama's boy. That's a great thing, he loves loves loves our family without fail. He's a best friend to our daughter Lana. They both treat eachother like siblings. These brothers are so easy to get along with. They are unselfish and selfless. 

They care for my husband and treat Sho like their own brother. They love my husband and daughter without fail or judgment. I wish them all the love and luck that life should grant them. I love them so much and could never have been blessed with greater men in my life. They’ve grown from boys to men. 

I’m so proud of who they are and what they represent. Our family! 

Weekend Fun...

Friday night, was one of the best times, I have ever had with friends from work. My colleagues are a crack up. Melissa and Joy are just so fun to be with. They have totally different personalities, and that's what makes them so interesting. We ate, we laughed, we ate again, and watched "Good Hair". I love this movie. It's fun to discuss hair, especially the creamy crack.They were amazed by how much loving my family was. I had relatives stopping by like every hour, that Mel and Joy were at my place. They enjoyed the company of my family members. The next day, they even text me. Joy, indicated that she fell in love with my family and Mel said that my family kicked butt and were so cool.

While I had my friend over, I finally cut and painted Lana's toe nails. We even helped her with her press on nails, daddy bought her. It was fun. My poor friends got to see how much medication I take at night. I think, I totally freaked them out. (LoL). Joy's husband Jeremy came to pick up her up. He brought two cute familiar friends, Kilo & Yaby . Lana loves playing with the Yorkies. Melissa has two pet Ferrets, Goku and Vegeta, that could not make it to our little get together. Joy and Jeremy's pets are too cute. Jeremy's a great technician. He's cleaned my mother's PC, my brother's laptop and Aunt's Notebook, without any charge. He's really good to Joy. They make a great team, because they're really good people. Melissa is so fun to be around. She can be just as random as I am. We got together, because Melissa is leaving us and heading back home to Miami, Florida. We'll miss her and we wish her the best!

Saturday, we had plans to clean our yard, trim the branches, pick the weeds, tidy up our patio and hang our out door lights. Instead, Sho and Lana decided to get their swim gear on. They had made plans, without me to go swimming. Well, Lana talked me into going, so we put off yard work, for next Saturday. We went to the Lehi Legacy Center to swim. It was fun. Sho and I really got some laps in. We also met with my dear friend, Nofo. It was nice catching up with her. Since, I don't ever go anywhere, I enjoyed this Saturday. We finally got home later in the evening to start my season 6 downloads of Desperate Housewives. This had me up all night. I didn't wake up Sunday, until 1:30pm. We got up, tiddy up the house, got dressed to meet with Sho's brothers, Spencer & Sherman and their families, Lisa, Chrystal and Hadyn. We treated to Texas Roadhouse. It was ummm ummm yummy good! (o:

Later that day, we met at our place to hang out for a while. We had pie and played games. Lisa, Chrystel and I played Phase 10. The guys played games on the PS3, and the kids played games on the Wii. We laughed and joked about many things. We even had home teachers visit us to invite us to a Fireside, in which we declined, because we wanted to spend more time with family. It couldn't have been a more perfect day with my family  in law. I just love them all so much. We really enjoyed the company of Sho's brothers and their families. :o)(o:
Family faces are magic mirrors.  Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.

Random thought of my everything, my love...

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about him. Meeting him was fate, becoming his friend was a choice, but falling in love with him was beyond my control. I'm proud of his progress in weight lifting and it couldn't have come at a better time. He has lifted me off the floor and bed, when I need. My body has been weak, and regardless of how tough he may be, he is very gentle with me. I love the way he holds me. The way he kisses my neck and wraps his arms around me. The spaces between my fingers were created so that his fingers could fill them in. He's held my hand in all things and times, good or bad, he's my hero. If I could be any part of him, I’d be his tears. To be conceived in his heart, born in his eyes, live on his cheeks, and die on his lips. He has never reminded me of all that he does for me. He did not come to love me easily for being a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect me, perfectly. He straightens and curls my hair when I cannot do for myself. I know I'm in love, because I don't ever want to fall asleep in his arms at night because my life with him is better than my dreams. I love my time with him and miss him when he's at work. He makes my condition easier to deal with. Always making sure I eat. I love this man. I stand by him. I support him. I love him forever and ever, no matter what. Always have and always will. He is my man. My everything. My dream come true. He's all mine. My Past, my present and my future. My love.

Random Updates...

Wednesday - April 7, 2010 was my highly anticipated appointment with a Rheumatologist, at the University of Utah Hospital. I had been asked my our family physician, not to take any steriods (prednislone) 3 days prior to my visit with the specialist. I was desperate an in pain. I couldn't even get up from the couch. Out of desperation, I took 10mil., which equals to two pills. Next day, the steriods had masked my Arthritis pain, in my physical test. So I had to have Xrays and blood work, done. This would provide the Rheumatologist with all the information he needs to treat my pain.

Thursday - I couldn't even get up. I laid in bed all days because of my pain.

Friday - I couln't even stand and walk. My poor husband Sho had to pick me up and move me around. He's great! I just love him so much.

Saturday - Alana's 7th Birthday (4/10/2010). Her special day. We told her ahead of time, that she was not having a big birthday party like last year. We explained special birthdays and reason. She clearly understood. The great thing about Alana, is she is grateful for everything. I mean really thankful. When asked by her uncles and aunties, what she would like for her Birthday, she asked for a happy family. Sho and I have done really well in providing not only her needs but her wants. She pretty much has it all. So this year, she received alot of envelope cards with money. She was so excited to add it to her change box. We explained not only the benefits but the importance of saving her money. We invited all immediate family for Pizza, cake and ice cream. She has a ball. She was so happy to fill our home with loved ones. That was enough to make her feel special. I'm so glad it doesn't take too much to please my baby.

Sunday - Church and Chill

Easter Weekend...

Can I just tell you all how much love I feel? I love this feeling of tremendous gratitude for life and all its beauty. This past week has been an overwhelming week for me. I have felt so good and so much love for everyone. I really love you all. Monday was my mother's surgery. My parents in Law came in the week before, to visit. It's been so great to have them here. My mother in law has been such a great help to me, also with my mother. Our little niece Leina has been such a bundle of joy, to have in our home. I'm baby hungry now. LoL. I know this love I feel for everyone, is Christ like. I mean I have felt his love and recognize all the blessings in our lives. We have been able to enjoy the luxury of life, even in a time where most suffer from the downfall of our economy.
When it was time to take mom home from the hospital, my arthritis was at its worst state. After taking two days to be at the hospital to help mom bathe, my hands and legs were so sore. My mother in law came with me to the hospital to help with my mom. As I completed paperwork for her release, my mother in law dressed my mother and packed her things. We took her home. My mother in law undressed and re-dressed my mother. She made sure there were meds and water sitting on the table, next to my mother. We were both impressed with my mother. Before her surgery, she scrubbed her house down. She even rearranged my brother’s room, scrubbed bathroom and left her clothes for recovery, on the bed. I got her clam and salmon chowder, and lobster bisque from Zupas. It was really neat how everything came with bread and chocolate strawberries.
We took our parents in law to Chili’s for luncheon and the best desert every, paradise pie. We did grocery shopping for the house and then took a ride to the Distribution Center, for temple shoes. My mother in law assisted me in tackling the mess in our game room. We finally set up my 27 inch flat screen connection to our PC. I just love it now. Blogging will be a whole different experience with the new computer. I really love my laptop, but the desk top is just amazing. Leina has been watching curious George all weekend. LoL.

Friday, we had our Schwenke family dinner. Aunty Felila flew in from California to be with mom. Together, we all broke fast for my mother’s recovery. Even the young elementary kids fasted. It was amazing. My mother was so grateful for the love her family had shown her, through this trying time. My parent in law attended the Missionary Reunion dance at the Sauniatu chapel. Leina and Lana were great, in keeping me company at home. When my parent in law returned, the kids were already fast asleep.

We stayed up laughing about our silly courtship stories. My father in law, Losi and I carried our conversation until after 5:00am, Saturday morning. Only 2 hours of sleep and I was back up to finish up some of my spring cleaning. Mone and Ashly came up to set up the Easter egg hunt for Lana, Leina and Kathy’s kids. I was expecting eggs, but Ashly went all out with HUGE treats for the hunt. Afterwards, she had gifts for all the kids. Mone and Ashly are going to be amazing parents. Aunty Kathy bought Pizza for the kids and hamburgers for the adults. I think Leina and Lana had so much fun. They received a lot more than they expected. On top of all that, Mone and Ashly still gave Lana another Easter basket, with clothes and shoes. She felt way special.
Sunday morning was greeted with an amazing breakfast. Sho went to take mom some breakfast ingredients for Aunty to make them some healthy omelets. The first conference session was amazing. We met at Spencer and Lisa’s for the second session. I love how Monson, always knows how to close conference and leave you on a spiritual high. His words and tone can make you laugh and make you cry. Most importantly, his truth will make you understand and motivate you to always choose what is right. Following conference, we enjoyed the company of Sherwin’s Tapusoa family, for dinner. The food is always good.

Afterwards, we returned home to relax for the new work week. Lana and I made bracelets, rings and necklaces. She’s such an amazing little girl. I realized that though my physical condition may be somewhat of a burden, it’s also a blessing in disguise. RA has really slowed me down. It has left me a whole lot more exhausted. Too tired to fuss and fight about anything and in return I have really noticed a change in Sho and Lana. They are happier and more willing to do more around the house, since I have been speaking with a soft voice and I have not sweat the small stuff. I’m showing a lot more joy kindness, consideration and love in our home. I didn’t realize how much this would heal and bless a home.

I’m so grateful:
To be alive
Our Savior
Heavenly Father
Gospel of Jesus Christ
Loving Husband
Adorable daughter
Amazing siblings
Awesome In Laws
Wonderful parents
Warm and cozy home 
Caring Friends