Ü Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ♥ You All!

I'm Thankful for. . .

Husband & Daughter
Immediate & Extended Family
Amazing Friends
Gospel of Jesus Christ
Freedom in America
A Cozy Place called Home
Yummy Food
Health & Strength
Missionary Work
First Presidency
Gift of Motherhood
Savior's Atoning Sacrifice
Beautiful Temples

Love. . . Laughter and. . . Life

Ladies Night

Although my husband isn't thrilled about it, I love love love my time with the Ladies. I'm always trying to schedule these nights on his work days, so he doesn't think about me or miss me too much. (LOL) We need this? Ladies you agree? It's our time away for sharing ideas and stories, venting, relating to one another and leaning on one another. It's a refresher. Many of our good friends were invited, but fate brought only an specific group of friends together. This weekend meant allot because I got to hang out with three very special ladies. Ryan, Lei and Nofo.

2000 to maybe 2002 was a crazy time for me. I just got out of crazy engagement. I was so single and so ready to mingle. I really out did myself back then. I used to put it down. We used to party hard. I mean we really knew how to... well, you get the idea. Anyways, I will never forget the fun and oh so wild times we had together. I'll always remember our club moments and all overnighters we spent together at Lei's house. We were all part of the Baby Mama's club. HaHaHa (obvious inside joke)! Now we're all married with children and proud to admit, worthy temple sisters! Although, life has taken a more calm road, it's always fun to laugh at the times we shared. To all my ladies, I love ya'll!

Over the weekend, I watched "Precious" with the ladies. Talk about Dramatic. This movie was disturbing. It's real though and it's crazy to think there are people out there that dealt the same cards in life as Precious was. All these injustices. I hate even thinking about it. These unfortunate individuals are definitely in my prayers. I can't imagine how they live and what they're feeling, let alone how they survive. It's crazy.

This weekend was great. Well maybe not so great. It was a great weekend, just my mind and mood was somewhere else. My poor mother and husband, bless their hearts. I was very testy and unpleasant this whole weekend. I really cannot explain why I felt so temperamental. New Moon was great! We watched it with my brother Spencer and his lovely wife Lisa. Although I claim Team Jacob, I'm not too sure about smelling like a filthy wet mutt. (LOL) and I do love Edward's family. Bella's got a tough decision to make. She gets on my nerves already. (reading) I know I'm jumping on this band wagon a little late, but ya got me. Now, I'm officially a fan.

Today. . .

Well, it’s an awkward day. There’s just an eerie feeling hanging around through the day. Is it because I’m in so much pain, physically and emotional or is it more spiritually? Have I lost my way? I read a short simple and not so sweet blog post from a grieving widow; “Today I dream of unconsciousness...”.This really hit me hard. I mean I’m grieving for her. My thoughts, my heart and my immediate prayers go out to her and her children. May the Lord wrap his arms around her and comfort her at this trying time in her life.

It’s Thursday and here I am at work, getting my scheduled queues cleared and trying to remain productive. I love music. It’s sings to me what I feel. I’m thankful for IPods. I get a great mix of it all because I have an ear for all kinds of music and I appreciate all genres.

So, here’s what my play list looks like:

Classical Jazz
Sounds of the Sabbath
Hip Hop don’t Stop
New R & B First
Smooth Grooving Slow Jams
Eighties Ladies (80s Mix)
Kickin Kountry
High School Memories (90s Mix)
Low Rider Oldies but Goodies
Alternative & Rock
Disco Inferno (70’s Mix)
Reggae & SKA
Lana’s Disney Mix
FOB & Island Kutz
Rap Crap (G’s Mix)

So everyone on FB is getting me hyped up for Girl Night at the Twilight’s sequel “New Moon” that I was so not invited to. Yes, I have to admit to Myrna, Celeste and Linda that I was a bit sore about this. It’s cool! Ü I love you ladies anyways. Ü However, to my delightful surprise I was invited by my weird WTB gothV friends, who had extra tickets to view the premiere. Well, I thought long and hard about it. I don’t know what I was but hurt about, I hate crowds. I'm not on Team Jacob or Team Edward. I kindly declined. I got home and my cousin Christian told me that their friend Na'a got tickets and cousin Derek was giving up his for me because they remembered how I talked about it all day. I love my cousins. They really thought about me. Unfortunately, I didn't go because I took muscle relaxers and they put me to sleep before the 10 o'clock new even showed. I'm so fired. It's all good though.

And, who really needs New Moon, when I've got my own love story and his name is SHO! ShoNuff, ShoTime, Sho Luv, whatever you want to call it. Yes, he's my Edward. I'm all Team SHO Ok. I'm just getting caught up in the HYPE of things. I do want to go to tonight’s premiere but I can't watch it without Sho or my girls and ladies night is on Friday. Hmmmm. What to do? What to do? I think I'll wait for my Luv! Yes, well go on a Sunday morning when everyone else in Utah is at church. (LOL) Bad Niva! It's time to watch Twilight DVD again to get ready for New Moon. Well, Happy Thursday! Have a great one and for those who were having a weird one like I, hope it gets better you, I really do ü ∞

Preview from Touch the Sky Photography (cont)...

Myrna posted these pictures last night to preview on FB. This was our family photo shoot on Halloween morning. Even with the hustle and bustle of the upcoming Holidays, everyone made it. Mom made breakfast for everyone to start our early am off with the right attitude. Everyone did really well. I believe Myrna took 900 shots that morning. It was so much fun to be together. We really enjoyed our time together as a family and Myrna caught these priceless moment all on camera. Thanks Myrna! You can check out more of her work at She hasn't been doing this very long but she's passionate and great at what she does. She makes it a great, fun and comfortable environment to smile and post in. I'm so grateful she was able to squeeze us in her busy schedule and at such a short time, because my request was thrown in so last minute, over Nofo's birthday dinner. Myrna, thanks for letting us be apart of your portfolio. Our family pictures are amazing. We love them. Myrna, You rock! I can't wait to get them all printed, framed and hung. (o:

Me Myself and I . . .

My Husband Sho and I. . .

My Daughter Alana. . .

My Brother Mone & Wife Ashly. . .

My Sister Pearl & Husband Malakai. . .

My Brother Jerome. . .

My Brother Loloa, Jr. (Joon). . .

My Brother Pete. . .

The Men's Jump Shot. . .

14 Years Later. . .

Today makes 14 years since we laid my father to rest. I'll never forget the two weeks we spent making funeral arrangements for my father. Those were the longest two weeks of my life. I'll never forget my father showing up to school to pick me up. He had such a huge smile on his face. He asked me that night to make sure to take care of my mother, who was sick at the time. I remember Toa Sitake said that her brother TJ mentioned that my father watched me play volleyball at the chapel. I remember the smell of his cologne. He wore Eternity for men. I'll never forget the music that played over and over in my ear during this time. It was Michael Jackson's "You are not alone" and Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day". I remember that all my enemies became my friends and my friends became my family. I remember mixed feelings of emotion. I remember my plans to go to the Omni with Heina. I remember Maliana Pulu picking us up to take us to the hospital. I remember crying and all the faces at the hospital. I remember my mother cracking jokes at the hospital to hide her sadness. I remember my uncle Paul explaining his medical condition that lead to his heart attack. I remember talking to Sione Lino on the phone when I called for Aita. I remember Solomone Ngata taping Dad's whole funeral with his camcord and at the end of the burial telling the camera that he loved his beautiful wife Ofa. I remember Ie Malupo showing up at my door step that night my father passed. I remember all the food, love and support from our Sunset 12th Provo Ward. I'll never forget the sadness and all those who came to our home to pay their respect. I appreciate them all and will never forget all the things people did for our family during this time. I will always remember my father finally at peace. I love you dad, rest in love.
Thoughts of my father surface as tomorrow comes near, to mark the anniversary or day we layed him to rest in the Provo Cemetery. He was one of a kind. A great man. There were many great qualities in him that have taught me alot about myself. Memories of him have helped me grow to understand, exactly what he was trying to teach me. He taught me how to love completely. He taught us how to give. He along with my mother would give not only what they could but all of what they had. He taught us the importance of friendship and hard work. He taught be how to be loyal and to love.

Throughout his adult life, he was a victim of the bottle. For most of my childhood, he spent his nights at the bar. He wasn't always this way. His life took a turn when he was forced to move to the States after High School. He became very abusive to my mother, during our days in Downey, California. However, through it all, I have confirmed that my father remained loyal to my mother. I have traveled to Hawaii and Tonga to confirm his loyalty to my mother. He never took one step out of their marriage to one another. He loved my mother with all his heart and there was never another.

My father returned to the fold, after his long trip to Tonga. My grandmother Kaloni reminded him of the importance of his presence in our lives. He made the biggest decision in his life. He put down the bottle. This was a very serious change for him. He had severe withdrawals that included fevers and chills. The doctor had advised him to drink less each day and that quitting cold turkey may end his life. He survived on prayer and faith in the gospel. My mother had always been a very strong member of the church, regardless of her faults, she never stopped believing in our Heavenly Father. She remained a faithful servant to the Tongan members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. We were part of the Hacienda Heights 7th Tongan Branch. With much help from the Hansen's, Kongaika's and especially the Tua'one family, my father came back to the church with an unwavering testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. He was taught the discussions by Sister Silia MauMau from Salt Lake City, Utah and Sister Maka from Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas. He was re-baptized, then a year after took our family to be sealed for all time and eternity in the Los Angelos, California Temple and passed away a year later, after moving our family to Provo, Utah.

Though his life was short. It took many years after his passing for me to learn and understand what he was trying to teach me. My father was a very strict man. His love for me was tough. He expected more from me as his oldest and only daughter. With the stubbornness I inherited from my mother's family, I took the hard road through life and learned things the hard way. When times got tough, I then understood what he was trying to instill in me. I only hope and pray that he can now look down at me and be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. I love you dad!

Loloa 'A Tonga Tuha, 37, passed away Wednesday, October 25, 1995.
He was born June 4, 1958 in Va'otu'u Tongatapu, Tonga, the son of Latu Silatolu Tuha and Kaloni Taani Tuha. He married Salote Schwenke on November 11, 1979 in Kearns, Utah; they were later sealed in the Los Angeles LDS Temple in December 1993.Loloa worked in the construction business in concrete and roofing. He was an active member in the LDS Church and served in many positions, including Scoutmaster, Secretary to the Elders Quorum, and the Young Single Adult Advisor. He was a professional boxer in Tonga, and enjoys volleyball, and fishing.

He is survived by his wife, Salote; two sons and one daughter: Siniva, Solomone, Loloa, Jr.; five brothers and four sisters; Siosaia Kafo, Salt Lake City; Latai Latu, Tonga; Honeti Latu Tuha, Tonga; Pulia Tuha, Caldwell, Idaho; Amoni Tuha, Texas; Vake Fanga Mahe, New Zealand; Lolohea Fonua, Salt Lake City; Emeli Afemui, Tonga; Salesi Tuha, Hawaii. He was preceded in death by father, Tevita; one brother and one sister: Tupou Neiufi; Makelani Ngaue.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday, November 4, 1995, at 11 a.m. at the Sunset 12th Ward Chapel, 1090 West 1020 South, Provo, under the direction of Walker Mortuary of Provo. Friends may call Friday from 6-8 p.m. at the Sunset Stake Center chapel, 1560 So. 1100 West, Provo, or one hour prior to the services at the Sunset 12th Ward Chapel. Burial will be in the Provo City Cemetery.

It was a great weekend with Myrna (Touch the Sky Photography), who was taking our family photo's at the American Fork Amphitheater. The shoot started off cold but turned out to be so much fun.

Every single one of us enjoyed meeting at mom's house for breakfast and car pooling to our photo shoot location. We are so excited to see the rest of our Brady Bunch photographs took as we did a Tuha&Bernard Brady Bunch mix of pictures. The men even had a jump shot. They were competing for who could catch the most air. (LoL) Myrna totally rocked during the shoot and spending time with family: PRICELESS.

Lana had a great weekend. It started out at her School Halloween Parade at her elementary school. She got to trick or treat at our Company building, Ward's Trunk or Treat and around our neighborhood with Daddy, Baby Mani and Uncle Mal. She even enjoyed the spooky alley at the chapel.

When asked what Lana was going to be, here's how her conversation went...

Cousin D: Lana, what are you for Halloween?

Lana: A Sassy Vampire.

Cousin D: Oh yeah, not a regular vampire.

Lana: Um, no. A sassy one.

OMG and my nephew Baby Kymani (Pearl & Mal's son) was absolutely adorable in his dino get up. I just love love love his chubby cheeks and his beady little eyes. His smile will just make you melt. He's such a great baby and loves to eat. Pearl and Mal are truly bless to have this little spirit in their lives. We only wish our little niece Jazzy could have been here to share this wonderful weekend with us. We love and miss her dearly.

We concluded our weekend by having family dinner and home evening at dad & mom's place. Although, Pearl, Mone and Jerome didn't make it, it was very special. We were lucky to have cousin Derek and Peter's buddy, Frank with us to share this intimate experience. We all shared our testimonies and expressed our grattitude to one another. After closing prayer, we enjoyed ice cream and boy, I was tired. I died ugly by the end of all the activities we enjoyed over the weekend. It was great! I love my family!