Who does this? Morning!

I'm here lm@o at myself. It's 1:18am and my husband is going to have a field day, when I get home. hahahaha. Who the hell does this? I'm not doing anything that I shouldn't be, other than what I should be doing, laying by his side getting some rest for the ugliest day of the week. Monday. UGH! Sunday morning brought me the worst allergy attack ever. Not having my new glasses yet are killing me. My headaches aren't getting any better. No Lehi 42nd Ward for me today. Sorry, Lisa! However, in all of this. . . I still found time to read (cover to cover) Wednesday Letters all in 2 mornings. WHOA! I couldn't get the book out of my head. I have fallen in love with the Coopers. What an amazing family. I will say no more because you must read it. It's was a best seller for a reason. You're probably wondering the same thing my husband is? aye? What the heck am I doing up in the middle of the night/morning. Well, just so you know, at work, I rely on my music to keep me up to speed at work. I had lost my IPod the weekend my parents in law came to visit and I've been beating myself in the head for it. So, when I got my bonus, this was my chance to get a new one. I love it. Music is my life. It has gotten me through so much. So, here I am sorting and syncing music, and then 6,691 songs later, I'm about to drop dead fugly. I don't even know if I'll be able to drive home, from mama's house, tonight. Lana's totally given up on me. She'll have to spend the night here. I hope loosing my sleep will be worth it. I might have to postponed, mine and Lisa movie night tomorrow and move it to Tuesday. I don't think she'll mind, while I go home and knock out after work. UGH. I need an Excedrin. Is the music done loading?