Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!

On Saturday (02/11/2012), which I believe was considered his "Day1", I got my first Valentine's gift from my handsome hubby...  and oh how crazy excited, but more surprised.... because.... I was like .... really?... a KINDLE?  I've been talking a whole lot about them, but I really didn't think he'd actually go out and get me one. YAY!  Now, I'm going to be reading for days! He's so cute, telling me this was only my first gift. LoL! I truly feel spoiled, not just blessed but totally spoiled rotten to the core. My hubby loves to bake and he's bomb at it too. So, when I said I'd like to take some treats for my team, Sho made them some Pink Lemonade Cupcakes, YUM! I even broke my juicing craze to try them and the chocolates I got. YUM! Lana calls her daddy, "The best cooker caker ever!" LOL!

"Day 2"... Monday (02/14/2012) OH EM GEE What the sweetness? It wasn't even VallyDay, yet, but I came home to Roses, Chocolate, Perfumes, Balloons and one of the best Cards I've ever received from him (and I sure get a whole lot of cards from Sho), after work. Our daughter even had a bag of treats, a balloon, card and a pink teddy bear on her bed, from daddy. Alana gets the best Valentine's gifts, every year from daddy. When she gets old enough, those guys are gonna have to step it up if they really want to impress her. Her daddy will probably out-do them, every time. LOL! My husband Sho has always been good on Valentine's, to all the woman who are important to him, (aside from Lana and I) including his mother and mine. They would get roses, chocolates and cards from him. We do not spend much and those who know me, know that I'm cheap... super cheap... as in, don't pay full price for anything, dirt type of cheap. LOL! However, Sho wanted me to have some pricey things that I have always wanted but would never actually go out and purchase for myself. Not only is he hopelessly romantice, but he did more than just be romantic, he was considerate of my feelings and really wanted (not to impress me) to make me happy, see a smile on my face. :)

"Day 3" Valentine's Day (02/14/2012)... My husband makes me so sappy! I get lovely goosebumps, thinking about how much this guys loves me. I woke up to my final gift pack, which included an ITouch, new earbuds, and a $25 gift card to Target. I know, I know... he really out did himself this year. Spoiling me like that. I don't even think I deserve it. LOL! We ended our night, watching, "The Woman in Black" at the Cinemark Theatre in American Fork. I could tell he was tired, but still wanted to take me on a date for V Day. Although, I felt like I watched the movie alone, because he slept through most of it, I couldn't help but to smile at him all night. He makes me feel so special and I'm not very easy to please. What a great guy!  Gotta love this man. Let's give it for SHOLUV, he really knows how to love me. He always makes me feel Super Duper Special *blushing w/a smile & some tears* :)

After work, I had to get in a quick work out, so I went with cousin Lani to Gold's Gym in American Fork. Unfortunately, classes were cancelled because of Valentine's Day (I know huh? exactly what I was thinking...what the? shut the?) LoL! So, we hurried down after the Sauna to Gold's Gym in North Orem and caught the Zumba class there. OH BOY, did that instructor work us out. LOL! It was great, after which we both rushed home to shower and get ready for our dates.

My Dearest Sherwin Magalei, you are too good to me. I've never been put on a peddle stool by anyone other than you. Only you know how to love and care for me, the way you do. Word could never express just how much love, respect and admiration, I have for you. Thank you for being worthy of your Priesthood and blessing our family, for loving me without fail, regardless of my ugly-ness, loving our daughter and being one of her very best friends. A great father you are and I couldn't ask for anything more, because you are perfect to me. You keep me going, everyday. You really do. Love you to eternity & beyond.

I had such an amazing Valentine's Day! I'm super grateful for all those who made my day a blast. I'm grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing me with wonderful family & friends and for his hand in my life. Thank you to the love of my life ShoLuv Tapusoa Magalei, for putting up with me and making me feel priceless. I mean it when I say, "YOUR LOVE IS KING!". Thank you Loloa Tuha for our short time together today. I love every conversation we have. You always get me pumped to be better for Sho & Lana. Thank you Lani (Ss-ngata Fam) for being my workout partner. I love our time together. You are definitely my sister from another mister. LOL! ♥ Thank you to my beautiful mother, Salote Bernard. I know it may always seem like a lecture from me, but know that I hold a deep and special place in my heart for you, that nobody can ever touch. You mean the world to me and I'm blessed to have you near. You are definitely Lana's BFF! LoL! I truly feel blessed to have so many great people in my life. The Lord is always good to us and I'm amazed by his unconditional love for us. Thank you again for such an amazing life. I wouldn't give it or the people in it, up for anything else. God is Good! LG baby!

2011 going into 2012!

Nothing really exciting about our New Year's Eve, but it seemed so special. It was quiet, but I had such an over whelming feeling of love, hope and pure joy. I had and still have so much to be thankful for. While everyone was out and about. I spent my evening with my husband, daughter and my dear cousin Roe. More to come about thoughts of 2011 and changes for 2012. I wish nothing but the best for all you bloggers and will continue to keep you all in my prayers. :) One love and God Bless you all! XO

Best Christmas Ever!

 I say best Christmas ever, because it was the most humbling for our family. This was the first Christmas, we really got it right. We woke up with the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional, a beautiful opening prayer with our neighbors (Mom, Dad and Jerome), a heartfelt testimony meeting with the family (Mom, Dad, Jerome, Mone, Ash, Beckham, Loloa Jr, Tue, Sho, Lana and I) *tears*, and the most wonderful breakfast ever. To add to how amazing this day was, Mom went to Sweet's in Provo to help feed the poor, Dad went to church, My little family went to the Provo Cemetery to visit dad (Loloa) and the boys went to drop off gifts and visit with some friends (who were like family) from High School. We ended the day, with great company, dance, laughs, dancing and desert's from our dear brother Spencer and his wife Lisa. It was one of the best Christmases I have ever had. I love my Family!

Happy "Turkey" Day!

Mom found out before Thanksgiving that her Cancer was back. Not good! Not good at all! So, we all decided to go out to a fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving. We got a call 2 days before Thanksgiving from my sister in law, Ashly (Mone's wife), whom I just adore. She wanted to invite us to her parents house in Mapleton for Thanksgiving. Her parents wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner for our family and even had us invite the cousins (our other siblings/Aunty Felilia & Uncle Alofa's kids) from Provo over to join us. Can I just tell you, that this was one of the best Thanksgivings our family has ever had. So much love felt from more than 3 different families. We're pretty close to the Rees family (Mone's In-Laws) and if you met them, you would know why. They are amazing people. So much love to give and room to share, always making us feel comfortable, safe and enjoyable. I just love them so much for the unconditional love they show, not only to our dear brother Mone, but to the rest of us, even the extended family. What an amazing couple Bruce & Sandra are. I'll forever be thankful for the amazing meal, great company, yummy desserts and the love we were able to enjoy on such a special day. :)

Happy Halloween!

Updates, Updates, Updates! All extra late. I know, I'm sorry! ;)

I know I'm totally late, but my next few post are going to be a little bit of a catch up from last year's happenings. I totally forgot about the things I do want to remember from last year, like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also want to share a very important experience that has changed my life and my attitude for 2012. There's so much to catch up on and I feel like I hardly have the time, but I will do my best to get my blog updated with everything that "NIVA" has been up to. 

Please understand that I don't ever post to boast, but want to share some great, happy, sad and even at times, very humbling experiences that have helped me along the way. My only hope is that my blog post finds all of you in the best of health and in great spirits. This is a learning time for us all and I'm more than happy to open up about my life, if it will only touch and inspire another, just as some of you have made an impact on my own life. Hope you enjoy my upcoming blog posts. One Love & God Bless you ALL! :)

My Blog.

I've neglected my blog...once again. I sincerely want to apologize in advance for not blogging as much as I have been planning on, but it's been such a busy year so far. LoL! I have been trying to manage my time efficiently this year and so my poor blog has not been a priority. However, I will be making more of an effort to post some important things and even some feelings I have on life. 2012 is a whole different experience so far. I love this year. It's a special year! I have felt this from the moment clock stroke midnight on New Years Eve going into New Years '12. I have to admit I've been posting a whole lot more on FaceBook and my Health-Blog. I have dedicated myself to living a whole lot healthier and striving everyday to be more fit and even stronger. I'll be back to post more soon. For now, here's a before and after picture of me. LoL! What a crazy change, aye? Well, CHEERS 2 a New Year & another chance 4 us 2 GET IT right. Let's not waste {2012}