Ok. So, I’ve been thinking about and I totally got to give it up for someone special in my life. The sister I've always wanted. My sister from another mister, Lisa! This girl has been an absolutely amazing woman to me. She has left such a great impression on me. This is seriously the sister I've always wanted but never had. Thanks to the Magalei men, we too are linked for eternity. She truly is my sister. She's had my back through thick and thin. It's always great to hear her on the phone, or see Lisa show up at my doorstep or even open her front door for me. She's one of those real cool, calm and collected women. She definitely smarter than me because she always thinks things through. I'm a hard head who will react to things without thinking things through. And then, if you ask Lisa, I'm always apologizing for getting crazy. I’m glad we both get a kick out of my sticky situations. (LOL) She has never judged me but laughed loud with me about my many crazy moments in my life. She's my best friend and has seen my marriage at its worst and best. She has counseled me through a lot of my marriage. She’s been there since day 1 that I became a part of the Magalei tribe. Thank you sis! Love you very much!


I usually don't like answering these, but this one really got me thinking. I was reminded that I needed to count my blessing. Especially with the most recent health & physical changes in my life. I realized what a great great GREAT man I have at home and what a WONDERFUL daughter I have. These two have really blessed my life. Although, my voice sounds allot like my Aunty Lolohea's, in my home, I know that I have an amazing family at home. I have great parents, siblings, in laws and cousins who make everyday a good one for me. I pray the Lord will always bless them and keep us all safe. These answers are all from the heart. Straight from the heart.

I am: a daughter of a king.
I want: to be able to manage my time efficiently.
I have: a wonderful job.
I dislike: negativity.
I miss: my daddy.
I fear: losing my loved ones.
I feel: blessed to have my family.
I hear: my daughter's giggling.
I smell: my husband's arousing cologne.
I crave: ferror rocher.
I cry: when spiritually enlightened.
I usually: read and write.
I search: for answers to random questions.
I wonder: what my daughter thinks of me? (Am I everything she needs)
I regret: nothing. (My mistakes made me stronger)
I love: my home, family, my life.
I care: about my family & friends.
I always: think of ways to improve.
I worry: child/sex predators lurking my daughter's school.
I'm not: scared to stand up for myself.
I remember: all my defining moments that lead to where I am now.
I believe: the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and everlasting.
I dance: in my own solitude.
I sing: in the shower.
I argue: when I know I'm right.
I write: when I feel something worth writing.
I win: when I recognize my own weaknesses.
I lose: when anger is present.
I wish: to help all in need.
I listen: to all kinds of music.
I need: to be more Christ-like.

Touched by Simplicity...

Small Moments I Appreciate.

-The way my husband Sho looks at me.
-Lana's kisses and hugs.
-Jr.'s driving Ms. Daisy.
-Sho showering & dressing me.
-Mom's cooking and serving.
-My Candy man Sho bringing home treats.
-Hanging out with Nofo.
-Lana reading to me.
-Everyone opening the door for me.
-My caring work colleagues.
-Comfortable work environment.
-Sho's comforting touch.
-MJ strength in his Cancer battle.
-Mone & Ashly checking on me.
-Kathy and her kiddies visits.
-Spencer & Lisa's good laughs.
-Baby Kymani's googly eyes.
-Rosalynn's juicy sessions on the phone.
-Lana's school stories (she's so dramatic).
-Jr.'s company while Sho's away.
-Eating out with Sho & Lana.
-Renting DVDs at Hollywood Video.
-DI shopping with Mom.
-Seeing Fall Decor.
-Tucking Lana in bed.
-Sleeping in warmth of Sho's arms.

"The Great Crippler"

As a young child, at the age of seven, I had suffered allot of aches and pain, in both my arms and legs. It wasn't anything severe. This was nothing that Tylenol, Advil or Aleve could not take care of. Recently, these past two months have really taken a toll on me. I have had excruciating and unbearable pain strike all over my body - shoulders, spine, butt, hips, elbow, wrist, ankles, knees and fingers. After checking in with our family physician, I have now been diagnosed with a common disease in my family, called Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is also known as the crippling disease. This is my first year to experience the full blown inflammatory pain which doesn't allow me to fill my daily schedule or normal routine with my regular everyday tasks. Our family physician has referred me to a Rheumatologist. I was advised that I needed to get my disease under control and that it was critical in the first year. This sickness has crippled many and cause deformities in the joints of many individuals such as my mother’s sister Kathy Tua’one. She has been pronounced as disabled. This is something I am desperately trying to prevent. However, as I called Dr. Call, Gremillion and Dr. Mathew’s offices, they were about four to six months out as in booked in appointments for treatment. Now, I take one day at a time to cope with these crippling aches and pain. I really am going through that stage of acceptance, that this is my life and my life has changed whether I like it or not. So, from here on out, I will continue to strive to refrain from negativity, cease to complain, I will not to cry and I will definitely, not feel sorry for myself.

LanaBear Fun @ Miley Cyrus Concert

It took me some time to pull myself together, after the disaster in Samoa, I had some time to grieve over the incident. I will never forget what happened out there. Now, I'm back. Happy blogging! I wanted to blog about our fun experience at the Miley Cyrus concert that we attended at the Energy Solutions Arena in Downtown, Salt Lake. Miley was sick and had a bit of the flu and had to walk off the stage during her second number, she didn't sound too great, but she tried her best too entertain us. I give her props for hanging in there and making it a fun night for our daughters. The lights and choreography was great. Thanks to my girl, Nofo, we had a blast. Although my the pain I was experiencing that day was excruciating because I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was still game and didn't want to ruin Lana's fun day out with the little ladies. If Miley can hang, so can I. Hahahaha! I enjoy the company of Nofo, Ula and Jen, they are such a fun crowd to be around. Thanks Girls! We must do it again.

We are with you Lisa Purcell Magalei and your family as you mourn the loss of your Mother! We love you! Rest in Love Tauaipolu Purcell. May the truthfulness that "Families are Forever" be a comfort to you at this time. God bless!

Below is a picture of what's left of our family's (Schwenke) home back in Malaela, W. Samoa. This was the home of my late grandparents Paul & Patosina Schwenke.

My deepest condolences, my heart, my thoughts, my prayers go out to those who in Samoa who have suffered the tsunami that raged over Samoa and the South Pacific and also our friends in thee Philippine's who were affected by the wrath of the typhoon that ranted their lands and all who have shared this common loss of loved ones in these tragedies.

We have felt the sorrow seize the emptiness inside of us, as we helplessly witnessed the Aftermath of these catastrophic events. Through service, let us unite as one people to provide the aid that our people in the islands so desperately need. Any small or large act or service, will provide at least one or more souls, relief. Please listen to the call of brothers and sisters, for service. Let us join their effort to provide relief to those in need. One Love!

This is what my company is doing to step in and assist the Tsunami Relief for Operation M.A.L.A.E.L.A (Mending A Life and Embracing the Love of AIGA). I love this job. Cybersource Rocks!

Siniva Tuha, CSR | Merchant Support
CyberSource | the power of payment

From: Terry Chace
Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 2:31 PM
To: Entire Company
Subject: Tsunami Relief


As you know the recent Tsunami has devastated the south pacific island of Samoa. We have several employees who have relatives that live on the island of Samoa and are in desperate need of help. The family of one of our employees is organizing an effort to send relief to the residents of the islands who are now without the basic necessities of life. The project is called Operation Maleala. Maleala is the village in Samoa that was hardest hit. If you would like to assist in this effort please bring items to the receptionist desk before Thursday October 8th. The shipment will be going out on Friday October 9th.

Here is the list of the items that are most needed:
• Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
• Soap
• Shampoo/Conditioner
• Deodorant
• Sanitary Wipes
• Washcloths
• Lotion
• Combs

Blankets, Tents and Cots are also needed.

The Salt Lake Chapter of the American Red Cross and the LDS Church are accepting cash donations to go specifically to help the Tsunami victims. You can donate to the Salt Lake chapter of the American Red Cross by visiting this website: To donate to the LDS church Humanitarian Relief Fund you can mail your donations to 1665 Bennett Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. Members of the LDS church may also donate to this fund utilizing their tithing slips.

Thanks for your help!

Terry Chace, PHR | Human Resources
CyberSource | the power of payment