Rest in Love

Last week we received sad news, that my first cousin on my mother's (Schwenke) side Nive Schwenke Tokotaha 's husband had past away. It's always sad to hear someone close to your family member passed away. However, the only difference for my mother, brothers and I, is that her husband held a special place in our hearts, because he was one of my dad's guys. I understand that my cousin Nive met her husband through my father. They were drinking pals back in the 80's, early 90's. Every time we saw Nive & Tini, it always felt like we were a bit closer to my father. My dad really had love for not only his family but his really good friends. I remember being young and only hearing about my cousin Nive and her husband Tini. Always, Nive & Tini this, Nive & Tini that. They seemed to me, inseparable. There was never a Tini and no Nive, or a Nive and no Tini. It was always Nive and Tini.

Although, it seems like I have been so busy with my diet and workout (my "ME" time), I have not gotten over the news about my cousin Nive's husbands death. I feel like my husband and I are inseparable and can not grasp the thought of not having him physically here with me. Tini is definitely missed by my family. I loved my visits with Nive and getting caught up in funny conversations with Tini. I remember how he son, when he was younger, throwing a fit and his father Tini would say calmly, "AJ take your pill, a nap and call me when you get up." It was the funniest thing to me. I never forgot how calm he was while making such a funny remark. I'm sure his family can't stop talking about the funny and most hilarious things that he would say. My dad always thought Tini had such a sense of humor. He was a great man and will surely be missed.

During my quiet moments alone, I cry at the thought of my cousin Nive's loss. I cry because Tini was such a pleasure to be around and his presence is already missed. I cry. More than I cry, I pray. I pray that his family finds comfort in knowing that "FAMILIES ARE FOREVER". It may seem like a long time, since I've seen my father, but I feel his presence during the most important times and moments in my life. During days where I feel like I miss him so much, I am always reminded by the Lord, that this time on earth is only temporary and that our time together in the next is FOREVER. I'm grateful for the thought of this and I sincerely hope that it brings Nive and her kids comfort. I love them very much. This weekend as we bid farewell to a fine brother, I will not only be reminded but will never forget our Heavenly Father's Plan for us. Tini, may you rest in love and give my father a great big hug from me *tears*. Ofa Lahi Kiate Koe!

Alipate V. Tokotaha
February 21, 1959 - January 11, 2011

My Blog Pick!

I have started following numerous blogs in 2010 and many of them have given me a great deal of hope, inspiration, motivation, and ideas. One of the blogs that have really touched me in 2010 was Nienie's blog. She's a gem. Inside and out. Hope you enjoy following her too... (o:

I have been focused on other things, but I'll be back soon!

I've been focused on my weight. I started at 280 lbs. and now I'm 260 lbs. My goal is 180 lbs. I know I can do it. I have such great examples of fitness all around me, especially in my family. So no excuses for me because it doesn't run in my family. My brothers are both fitness finatics, my husband's kept a steady course on his fitness journey and he looks great. It's my turn. How am I doing? I'm tracking it, right here:

I'm taking back what's mine, my body. I know that by the summer, as long as I'm consistent, my goal is attainable and I'm nothing but EXCITED. I joined my Biggest Loser competition at work. I regret not joining Sinai's BL Competition, but it's all good. I feel good. I feel determined to make this year my year, to take back my life. I'm going to do it one day at a time..... FITNESS FOR LIFE!