Welcome to the Family! LoL!

My husband was invited to join my brothers Solomone & Loloa to the Chargers vs. Ravens game in San Diego. They had a blast! Although, the Baltimore Ravens lost, it was a good time. I packed 2 cameras and our flip camcord to take and still there were no pictures taken, (guys will be guys, lol). The only picture on the left was taken of my brothers by my husband. LoL!They had many great stories to tell about the trip. They even did some shopping for some of us. YaY! My husband was a die hard Buffalo Bills fan, and just dropped his long time team for the Ravens. YaY, welcome to the family. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that because my brother Solomone is a huge Steelers fan. I'm not so much a Ravens fan as I am a Haloti Ngata #92 fan.

We may not talk about it much, but our fathers were partner in crime buddies since their childhood days back in the village of Vaotu'u, Tongatapu, Tonga. My father Loloa named his first son after his favorite cousin Solomone Ngata. One day (after school's done) I hope and pray that I may one day be able to tell their story. The Legacy his parents left behind is an amazing one. We're just super proud of #92. He's an amazing man and deserves all the success in the world. Love you Loti and the rest of your family!

Merry Christmas!

IDKYI did this, it's not like me to record myself, let alone in the middle of the night looking all busted and babbling on about a few things, but wanted to share my testimony of the reason for the season. In the spirit of Christmas, and through the rest of 2011 into 2012... I will be a whole lot more positive. I was lost and now I'm not only found but back up on the wagon for good. Life's different but only for the better. Keep in mind during this time and through out the year that when you get someone a gift, you put more thought into it and wrap it with love for the finishing touch. Regardless of how expensive or inexpensive it is, you can give a nice gift to someone else to warm their hearts.

Full Circles

Wouldn't it be nice if all things came to a full circle immediately before your eyes? I want to share with you an experience that has truly touched my family. One Sunday morning, I offered to take my mother to work to pick up one of her lovely (disabled) clients, named Britney, to the bus stop to catch a shuttle home for the Holidays. During our wait in the parking lot of McDonald's, I had seen that my daughter and Britney were hungry. I didn't want to break the Sabbath, but couldn't let those go hungry, so into McDonalds we went. During our time at McDonald's, I noticed a man standing outside in the harsh cold, holding a sign that let the public know, he was homeless and asking for help through humble donations.

As we watched this homeless man, my mother told me a story about my father Loloa. She explained that sometime during the early 90's, my father saw a homeless man, holding a similar sign. However, my mother said the homeless man that my father had encountered, did not seem homeless, but what she thought was a lazy drunk. Without any warning or discussion, my father went to the Burger King Restaurant, where the man had been standing in front of, and purchased a whopper, value order of fries and a large sprite. My father took this small meal along with $20.00 and handed it to this homeless man.

My mother was a bit disappointed, because she was a bit tight. As always, during our tender young ages, she tried her best to ensure that her children always had the best. We weren't dirt poor, but we weren't also financially stable or comfortable, either. Funds were running low and mom was concerned that her children wouldn't get the things we wanted on our Santa list. She also feared that this homeless man would take her money and spend it on alcohol or something of unimportance. She asked my father why he gave up so much money. My father explained that it wasn't his place to judge the man, nor his business as to how the man spent his money. All that matter what that he did his part in paying it forward.

Remembering this story, brought tears to my eyes. I realized that I had complained so much this year, and forgot to count my blessings. Touched by mom's reminder, I secretly asked my daughter if she would like to spare some of her allowance to help the man standing outside of McDonald's. I explained that the poor man had no warm home to sleep in and no warm meal to eat and if there was any way she can help by donating some of her allowance to help him in need. She quickly agreed, with so much excitement. She asked if she could give the man everything she had in her little wallet. I told her she did not have to give up all her allowance, but told her to think about an amount that would be just right to help this poor man. Secretly, we planned to have her sit on the right side of our vehicle, so I could roll her window down, to hand the man some money.

Soon after the Shuttle took Britney home, we pulled out of the parking lot. As we came closer to the man, I put the car in park and rolled my daughter's window down, so she could pass the money to the man. She quickly realized that he wouldn't be able to reach her without having to walk over to our car. Without me asking her, she took off her seat belt, opened the door, hopped out of our warm car and ran to the man to hand him $5.00 and wished him a Merry Christmas.

During this time, the other cars behind and next to us, that was so impatient and obnoxiously honking at us, stopped. It felt as if they all heard a whisper, Peace be still. Some raised their hands and we could read their lips say, "Sorry". Seeing this quick change in their behavior, made my heart so warm. The purpose of this, or my reason for having my daughter give the man some of her money, was to teach her a valuable lesson, an obvious lesson. However, I wanted her to see the look on the man's face and feel the warmth in her own heart for doing what was right.

As we finally got Alana back in the car and pulled away from the parking lot, my mother sat in the passenger seat amazed. She rolled down her window and cried, "Merry Christmas and God Bless Brother!" The poor homeless man had tears in his eyes and my mother felt a real burn in her heart. My mother was the biggest recipient of this experience. There are precious moments in her own home, where she will just cry tears of joy because of the feeling she had when my daughter did something that reminded her of my unconditional love that my father Loloa and her father, my Grandpa Paul had for all mankind.


I’m super excited my cable guy is showing up today. Our amplifier in the basement is busted so I’ve gone an entire evening & morning without my BYUTV. How come I’m dancing around the house, singing …

Oh how I miss my BYU TV
I can’t go without my BYUTV
I really only need my BYU TV
Oh how I cherish my BYU TV

This channel is super amazing! Check it out… never a dull moment on BYU TV… I promise you’ll love it. It allows you to see the good in the world! J

Da Cousins!

I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my family….DA COUSINS! WOOT WOOT!


There are 3 main reasons, I just adore this bunch here. No, you don’t understand the extent of my love for these individuals. This crew, is the type of clan that I feel, you must earn their friendship, trust or love. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t say that I don’t feel they should open their doors so freely to drifters (LoL!) or rather anyone. I know this may not sound so nice, but I really cherish this bunch. These individuals have taught me more than they know, about LOYALTY and TRUTH. They remind me of my mother, always down to take a secret to the grave. 

I appreciate how honest they are. They will tell you to your face and not behind your back, exactly what they're thinking and who couldn't appreciate anything less than the truth? They know who they are and who their real friends are, never switching sides, never making excuses for themselves or anyone else. I appreciate what may seem to most as the brutal truth, because I know it always comes from a good place, their hearts. There have only been a few individuals that I knew, during my YSA days, that shared these same characteristics. And, in a world full of gossip and babble, these types of people only come a dime a dozen and I stand proud to say that I'm related to many. These types of bonds are to be earned and not freely given. 

They live by a code which remains to be, “OUR WORD IS OUR BOND”! Although we have a whole lot of family and friends, I do not ever expect anyone to attend and support us in whatever the special occasion may be. However, this bunch amazes me. I will let you know why. These individuals are hardworking, back breaking students. They study and work hard and play even harder. 

They truly are part of the reason I have changed a whole lot of my set in stone ways. I never expect any of my family and friends to make it to our daughter’s events.These individuals, who some may consider “Starving Students” (NOT & Never hungry & thirsty people), will take the time out of their very busy schedules to come and support all of our events. So here’s a “HATS OFF” to you all. I speak on behalf of my family and our dear brother LOLO  when I say, “O 4 OWSOMENESS” and THANK YOU for everything, really! xo

LoL :)

Try to keep a smile on your face all day. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this will make. Every face you see will turn their frown upside down as long as you smile from your heart and not your head. Keep it real and genuine! XO  

Dearest Lisa Marie Presley Tuaone,

Lisa GuuuuuurL! I love you so much and see a bright future ahead of you. Why? Well, I'll tell you, exactly why. I know you  already know (but little reminders are always nice) who you are and where you're place is in this world. I love the selflessness of your heart. It's BEAUTIFUL! You're beautiful inside out. Don't you ever forget it girl. I also love that you will never let a man hold you back from your goals. That alone separates you from all the rest of the weaklings. LoL! And, that alone will allow the Lord to prepare an amazing man for you. You're a jewel, a rare gem and I pray one day, you will allow me an interview with you, so that I can tell your story, because it's amazing. You will truly be blessed! Keep it up babygirl! I love you! XO


Our family and home watch a whole lot of Television, which I know sounds really bad, but there are actually a lot of really great programs to watch. I really enjoy the Discovery IDentification Channel, because of my interest in criminal psychology. Another reason, for my interest in this channel is that even under unimaginable circumstances and horrific situations, there’s still good in the world, through families that forgive and also families of the murderers who are still healing from the shock of what their loved ones have done. It doesn’t matter how disturbing the crime is, what I love is at the end of each show, there’s always hope of a brighter tomorrow and I can appreciate every single family that has shared their stories, allowed us to feel their pain, and comfort us through their peace.  

What's Next?

Truth be told and acted upon with regards to turning a New Leaf. This year's been quiet a journey. It's had its major ups and downs. Overall... it's been a great year. However, this year I've totally neglected my blog. I love blogging. I love all my blogging sisters. I've always been pretty gullible. Everything I read, see, and hear, is taken into full consideration, "take it to heart". 2011 could have been a whole lot better, but it wasn't its best because I wasn't my best. It took me a while to realize that you really get back what you give out the world per Karma.   I'm very ashamed to admit, that I have been such a bitter person and it's left me nothing but a world of misery and hurt.

In the spirit of Christmas and for the rest of my life, I promise to put out nothing but POSITIVE VIBRATIONS and hope that the ripples will take full effect and that little by little, all who know me and you will begin to see the good in the world. So, fellow bloggers get ready for a new and improved Niva Diva. Out with the Old and In with the New. I pray that you will enjoy each message found in my blog posts as I have found in yours. One Love! xo