Merry Christmas!

IDKYI did this, it's not like me to record myself, let alone in the middle of the night looking all busted and babbling on about a few things, but wanted to share my testimony of the reason for the season. In the spirit of Christmas, and through the rest of 2011 into 2012... I will be a whole lot more positive. I was lost and now I'm not only found but back up on the wagon for good. Life's different but only for the better. Keep in mind during this time and through out the year that when you get someone a gift, you put more thought into it and wrap it with love for the finishing touch. Regardless of how expensive or inexpensive it is, you can give a nice gift to someone else to warm their hearts.

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  1. i love this! you still look beautiful at this hour, believe dat sister! i appreciate our cyber friendship (lol), and look forward to making it much more. you are an amazing woman!