What's Next?

Truth be told and acted upon with regards to turning a New Leaf. This year's been quiet a journey. It's had its major ups and downs. Overall... it's been a great year. However, this year I've totally neglected my blog. I love blogging. I love all my blogging sisters. I've always been pretty gullible. Everything I read, see, and hear, is taken into full consideration, "take it to heart". 2011 could have been a whole lot better, but it wasn't its best because I wasn't my best. It took me a while to realize that you really get back what you give out the world per Karma.   I'm very ashamed to admit, that I have been such a bitter person and it's left me nothing but a world of misery and hurt.

In the spirit of Christmas and for the rest of my life, I promise to put out nothing but POSITIVE VIBRATIONS and hope that the ripples will take full effect and that little by little, all who know me and you will begin to see the good in the world. So, fellow bloggers get ready for a new and improved Niva Diva. Out with the Old and In with the New. I pray that you will enjoy each message found in my blog posts as I have found in yours. One Love! xo

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