Dearest Lisa Marie Presley Tuaone,

Lisa GuuuuuurL! I love you so much and see a bright future ahead of you. Why? Well, I'll tell you, exactly why. I know you  already know (but little reminders are always nice) who you are and where you're place is in this world. I love the selflessness of your heart. It's BEAUTIFUL! You're beautiful inside out. Don't you ever forget it girl. I also love that you will never let a man hold you back from your goals. That alone separates you from all the rest of the weaklings. LoL! And, that alone will allow the Lord to prepare an amazing man for you. You're a jewel, a rare gem and I pray one day, you will allow me an interview with you, so that I can tell your story, because it's amazing. You will truly be blessed! Keep it up babygirl! I love you! XO

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