It's been a while since I've attended any GNO (Girls Nite Out) time with any of my lady relatives or friends. I've been on STD leave from work, so I've had a few GNI (Girls Nite In) at home with family and friends, watching movies, DVR recordings, baking, playing Dance Central and other things ladies do while laughing and talking stories in the comfort of our home. Well, since my SIL and I have less than a week before the girls (Lana & Leina) come home and my husband Sho had to work, I figured it was a perfect time to spend the night out in SLC down town for some fun and dancing. This was totally last minute, but it was fun. Yes, Drea, Ro, Reece and I had a blast. 

Some of our Summer Fun!

So the girls (Leina & Lana) went to California with my Parents in Law for the Summer. As much as I did not want Alana to go, I'm sure glad she did. She's been having so much fun. I owe it all to my in laws, Mom, Dad, Sherm, Chrystel and Hadyn (also Shenna and her girls). She's been getting Pedi/Mani's, going to the Movies, visiting the Zoo, water parks and so much more. As for the rest of us here at home, it's been pretty chill. It's been just my husband Sho, his sister Clarice and I. We have also been hanging out with our neighbors a lot, my Mama Salote, cousins Roe, Drea and Na'a. We've also spent some time with my brother in law Spence and his wife Lisa. It was weird at first not having any kids around, but the summer has gotten better. We've attended the 2 Funerals, one on Sho's side of the Family and one on mine. They were both beautiful Farewells. We quietly celebrated Sho's 35th Birthday. My brother Solomone and his beautiful wife Ash have had a beautiful baby boy named Beckham. My brother Loloa came with cousin Derek for a weekend visit, which was way fun (HBcareLoL) We have also attended the Bula Fest, Samoan Flag Day Fest and the One Foundation Concert. The girls come back in less than 2 weeks and we'll be enjoying each other's company at the Tapusoa Family Reunion and J Boog Concert. Nice way to end the summer. My husband has promised Alana, one more family fun filled activity here in Utah when she gets back, before school starts. Speaking of school. I have registered for Fall Semester at Utah Valley University. School starts on the 29th of August and I'm so excited. Although, I'll be a 30 year old Freshman in College, I'm super excited. I'm taking 13 credits this Fall. YaY! Well, here is a mix of pictures from this Summer... Enjoy! XO :)