Da Cousins!

I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my family….DA COUSINS! WOOT WOOT!


There are 3 main reasons, I just adore this bunch here. No, you don’t understand the extent of my love for these individuals. This crew, is the type of clan that I feel, you must earn their friendship, trust or love. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t say that I don’t feel they should open their doors so freely to drifters (LoL!) or rather anyone. I know this may not sound so nice, but I really cherish this bunch. These individuals have taught me more than they know, about LOYALTY and TRUTH. They remind me of my mother, always down to take a secret to the grave. 

I appreciate how honest they are. They will tell you to your face and not behind your back, exactly what they're thinking and who couldn't appreciate anything less than the truth? They know who they are and who their real friends are, never switching sides, never making excuses for themselves or anyone else. I appreciate what may seem to most as the brutal truth, because I know it always comes from a good place, their hearts. There have only been a few individuals that I knew, during my YSA days, that shared these same characteristics. And, in a world full of gossip and babble, these types of people only come a dime a dozen and I stand proud to say that I'm related to many. These types of bonds are to be earned and not freely given. 

They live by a code which remains to be, “OUR WORD IS OUR BOND”! Although we have a whole lot of family and friends, I do not ever expect anyone to attend and support us in whatever the special occasion may be. However, this bunch amazes me. I will let you know why. These individuals are hardworking, back breaking students. They study and work hard and play even harder. 

They truly are part of the reason I have changed a whole lot of my set in stone ways. I never expect any of my family and friends to make it to our daughter’s events.These individuals, who some may consider “Starving Students” (NOT & Never hungry & thirsty people), will take the time out of their very busy schedules to come and support all of our events. So here’s a “HATS OFF” to you all. I speak on behalf of my family and our dear brother LOLO  when I say, “O 4 OWSOMENESS” and THANK YOU for everything, really! xo

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