Back II Blogging

It has definitely been a while since I last blogged, and I do miss it. I love to write. I feel better about voicing myself through writing then any other form of a expression and comparable to the gym or gun range, it's therapeutic for me. Much has occurred since my last entry. We've moved a few times, only to temporarily reside in Salt Lake area. It's been a journey, however our plans to move back to Utah County are currently in development. We are here in West Valley, for the sake of our daughter's progression and growth at Mana Academy Charter School. 

My brother's would agree that I tend to over share, but it is all to ensure closure, without any misunderstandings, of the person I am and my intentions. So, I have decided to begin blogging again with the certainty of telling my story. As an honest hard working mother of a gorgeous (tween) pre-teen, a wife to a beautiful soul, a sister to duo success stories, a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient, a go getting risk taker, and a regular gym rat, I am constantly, adapting, blooming, and gaining a better understanding, from day to day trials and triumphs. I feel closer and closer to becoming the women I want to be. It is our freedom to share our moments, our thoughts and our experiences. This is my story, and I chose to share it with everyone. :)