Ladies Night

Although my husband isn't thrilled about it, I love love love my time with the Ladies. I'm always trying to schedule these nights on his work days, so he doesn't think about me or miss me too much. (LOL) We need this? Ladies you agree? It's our time away for sharing ideas and stories, venting, relating to one another and leaning on one another. It's a refresher. Many of our good friends were invited, but fate brought only an specific group of friends together. This weekend meant allot because I got to hang out with three very special ladies. Ryan, Lei and Nofo.

2000 to maybe 2002 was a crazy time for me. I just got out of crazy engagement. I was so single and so ready to mingle. I really out did myself back then. I used to put it down. We used to party hard. I mean we really knew how to... well, you get the idea. Anyways, I will never forget the fun and oh so wild times we had together. I'll always remember our club moments and all overnighters we spent together at Lei's house. We were all part of the Baby Mama's club. HaHaHa (obvious inside joke)! Now we're all married with children and proud to admit, worthy temple sisters! Although, life has taken a more calm road, it's always fun to laugh at the times we shared. To all my ladies, I love ya'll!

Over the weekend, I watched "Precious" with the ladies. Talk about Dramatic. This movie was disturbing. It's real though and it's crazy to think there are people out there that dealt the same cards in life as Precious was. All these injustices. I hate even thinking about it. These unfortunate individuals are definitely in my prayers. I can't imagine how they live and what they're feeling, let alone how they survive. It's crazy.

This weekend was great. Well maybe not so great. It was a great weekend, just my mind and mood was somewhere else. My poor mother and husband, bless their hearts. I was very testy and unpleasant this whole weekend. I really cannot explain why I felt so temperamental. New Moon was great! We watched it with my brother Spencer and his lovely wife Lisa. Although I claim Team Jacob, I'm not too sure about smelling like a filthy wet mutt. (LOL) and I do love Edward's family. Bella's got a tough decision to make. She gets on my nerves already. (reading) I know I'm jumping on this band wagon a little late, but ya got me. Now, I'm officially a fan.

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