It was a great weekend with Myrna (Touch the Sky Photography), who was taking our family photo's at the American Fork Amphitheater. The shoot started off cold but turned out to be so much fun.

Every single one of us enjoyed meeting at mom's house for breakfast and car pooling to our photo shoot location. We are so excited to see the rest of our Brady Bunch photographs took as we did a Tuha&Bernard Brady Bunch mix of pictures. The men even had a jump shot. They were competing for who could catch the most air. (LoL) Myrna totally rocked during the shoot and spending time with family: PRICELESS.

Lana had a great weekend. It started out at her School Halloween Parade at her elementary school. She got to trick or treat at our Company building, Ward's Trunk or Treat and around our neighborhood with Daddy, Baby Mani and Uncle Mal. She even enjoyed the spooky alley at the chapel.

When asked what Lana was going to be, here's how her conversation went...

Cousin D: Lana, what are you for Halloween?

Lana: A Sassy Vampire.

Cousin D: Oh yeah, not a regular vampire.

Lana: Um, no. A sassy one.

OMG and my nephew Baby Kymani (Pearl & Mal's son) was absolutely adorable in his dino get up. I just love love love his chubby cheeks and his beady little eyes. His smile will just make you melt. He's such a great baby and loves to eat. Pearl and Mal are truly bless to have this little spirit in their lives. We only wish our little niece Jazzy could have been here to share this wonderful weekend with us. We love and miss her dearly.

We concluded our weekend by having family dinner and home evening at dad & mom's place. Although, Pearl, Mone and Jerome didn't make it, it was very special. We were lucky to have cousin Derek and Peter's buddy, Frank with us to share this intimate experience. We all shared our testimonies and expressed our grattitude to one another. After closing prayer, we enjoyed ice cream and boy, I was tired. I died ugly by the end of all the activities we enjoyed over the weekend. It was great! I love my family!

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