Ok. So, I’ve been thinking about and I totally got to give it up for someone special in my life. The sister I've always wanted. My sister from another mister, Lisa! This girl has been an absolutely amazing woman to me. She has left such a great impression on me. This is seriously the sister I've always wanted but never had. Thanks to the Magalei men, we too are linked for eternity. She truly is my sister. She's had my back through thick and thin. It's always great to hear her on the phone, or see Lisa show up at my doorstep or even open her front door for me. She's one of those real cool, calm and collected women. She definitely smarter than me because she always thinks things through. I'm a hard head who will react to things without thinking things through. And then, if you ask Lisa, I'm always apologizing for getting crazy. I’m glad we both get a kick out of my sticky situations. (LOL) She has never judged me but laughed loud with me about my many crazy moments in my life. She's my best friend and has seen my marriage at its worst and best. She has counseled me through a lot of my marriage. She’s been there since day 1 that I became a part of the Magalei tribe. Thank you sis! Love you very much!

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