We are with you Lisa Purcell Magalei and your family as you mourn the loss of your Mother! We love you! Rest in Love Tauaipolu Purcell. May the truthfulness that "Families are Forever" be a comfort to you at this time. God bless!

Below is a picture of what's left of our family's (Schwenke) home back in Malaela, W. Samoa. This was the home of my late grandparents Paul & Patosina Schwenke.

My deepest condolences, my heart, my thoughts, my prayers go out to those who in Samoa who have suffered the tsunami that raged over Samoa and the South Pacific and also our friends in thee Philippine's who were affected by the wrath of the typhoon that ranted their lands and all who have shared this common loss of loved ones in these tragedies.

We have felt the sorrow seize the emptiness inside of us, as we helplessly witnessed the Aftermath of these catastrophic events. Through service, let us unite as one people to provide the aid that our people in the islands so desperately need. Any small or large act or service, will provide at least one or more souls, relief. Please listen to the call of brothers and sisters, for service. Let us join their effort to provide relief to those in need. One Love!

This is what my company is doing to step in and assist the Tsunami Relief for Operation M.A.L.A.E.L.A (Mending A Life and Embracing the Love of AIGA). I love this job. Cybersource Rocks!

Siniva Tuha, CSR | Merchant Support
CyberSource | the power of payment

From: Terry Chace
Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 2:31 PM
To: Entire Company
Subject: Tsunami Relief


As you know the recent Tsunami has devastated the south pacific island of Samoa. We have several employees who have relatives that live on the island of Samoa and are in desperate need of help. The family of one of our employees is organizing an effort to send relief to the residents of the islands who are now without the basic necessities of life. The project is called Operation Maleala. Maleala is the village in Samoa that was hardest hit. If you would like to assist in this effort please bring items to the receptionist desk before Thursday October 8th. The shipment will be going out on Friday October 9th.

Here is the list of the items that are most needed:
• Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
• Soap
• Shampoo/Conditioner
• Deodorant
• Sanitary Wipes
• Washcloths
• Lotion
• Combs

Blankets, Tents and Cots are also needed.

The Salt Lake Chapter of the American Red Cross and the LDS Church are accepting cash donations to go specifically to help the Tsunami victims. You can donate to the Salt Lake chapter of the American Red Cross by visiting this website: To donate to the LDS church Humanitarian Relief Fund you can mail your donations to 1665 Bennett Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. Members of the LDS church may also donate to this fund utilizing their tithing slips.

Thanks for your help!

Terry Chace, PHR | Human Resources
CyberSource | the power of payment

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