LanaBear Fun @ Miley Cyrus Concert

It took me some time to pull myself together, after the disaster in Samoa, I had some time to grieve over the incident. I will never forget what happened out there. Now, I'm back. Happy blogging! I wanted to blog about our fun experience at the Miley Cyrus concert that we attended at the Energy Solutions Arena in Downtown, Salt Lake. Miley was sick and had a bit of the flu and had to walk off the stage during her second number, she didn't sound too great, but she tried her best too entertain us. I give her props for hanging in there and making it a fun night for our daughters. The lights and choreography was great. Thanks to my girl, Nofo, we had a blast. Although my the pain I was experiencing that day was excruciating because I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was still game and didn't want to ruin Lana's fun day out with the little ladies. If Miley can hang, so can I. Hahahaha! I enjoy the company of Nofo, Ula and Jen, they are such a fun crowd to be around. Thanks Girls! We must do it again.

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