I usually don't like answering these, but this one really got me thinking. I was reminded that I needed to count my blessing. Especially with the most recent health & physical changes in my life. I realized what a great great GREAT man I have at home and what a WONDERFUL daughter I have. These two have really blessed my life. Although, my voice sounds allot like my Aunty Lolohea's, in my home, I know that I have an amazing family at home. I have great parents, siblings, in laws and cousins who make everyday a good one for me. I pray the Lord will always bless them and keep us all safe. These answers are all from the heart. Straight from the heart.

I am: a daughter of a king.
I want: to be able to manage my time efficiently.
I have: a wonderful job.
I dislike: negativity.
I miss: my daddy.
I fear: losing my loved ones.
I feel: blessed to have my family.
I hear: my daughter's giggling.
I smell: my husband's arousing cologne.
I crave: ferror rocher.
I cry: when spiritually enlightened.
I usually: read and write.
I search: for answers to random questions.
I wonder: what my daughter thinks of me? (Am I everything she needs)
I regret: nothing. (My mistakes made me stronger)
I love: my home, family, my life.
I care: about my family & friends.
I always: think of ways to improve.
I worry: child/sex predators lurking my daughter's school.
I'm not: scared to stand up for myself.
I remember: all my defining moments that lead to where I am now.
I believe: the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and everlasting.
I dance: in my own solitude.
I sing: in the shower.
I argue: when I know I'm right.
I write: when I feel something worth writing.
I win: when I recognize my own weaknesses.
I lose: when anger is present.
I wish: to help all in need.
I listen: to all kinds of music.
I need: to be more Christ-like.

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