14 Years Later. . .

Today makes 14 years since we laid my father to rest. I'll never forget the two weeks we spent making funeral arrangements for my father. Those were the longest two weeks of my life. I'll never forget my father showing up to school to pick me up. He had such a huge smile on his face. He asked me that night to make sure to take care of my mother, who was sick at the time. I remember Toa Sitake said that her brother TJ mentioned that my father watched me play volleyball at the chapel. I remember the smell of his cologne. He wore Eternity for men. I'll never forget the music that played over and over in my ear during this time. It was Michael Jackson's "You are not alone" and Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day". I remember that all my enemies became my friends and my friends became my family. I remember mixed feelings of emotion. I remember my plans to go to the Omni with Heina. I remember Maliana Pulu picking us up to take us to the hospital. I remember crying and all the faces at the hospital. I remember my mother cracking jokes at the hospital to hide her sadness. I remember my uncle Paul explaining his medical condition that lead to his heart attack. I remember talking to Sione Lino on the phone when I called for Aita. I remember Solomone Ngata taping Dad's whole funeral with his camcord and at the end of the burial telling the camera that he loved his beautiful wife Ofa. I remember Ie Malupo showing up at my door step that night my father passed. I remember all the food, love and support from our Sunset 12th Provo Ward. I'll never forget the sadness and all those who came to our home to pay their respect. I appreciate them all and will never forget all the things people did for our family during this time. I will always remember my father finally at peace. I love you dad, rest in love.

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