Productivity can lead to Creativity...

I've been home a whole lot more these days, because of my RA issues. I try to stay not only productive but attempt to be creative. I'm not much of a stay home mother type. It drives me nuts to be home. With that said, I watch my DVR & On Demand shows, have low intense workouts to keep loose and warmed up, clean, organize the home, experience with home decor, make home slide show movies, cook and bake a little, read and write short stories, learn to use Photoshop CS3 and now digital scrap booking. My motivation to learn how to scrap book on my computer came from Sheena Frost. She gave me a little preview over the summer of what she has done and I got to tell you it's really neat. You got to check out her work, she's awesome! I only hope to become just as good as she, some day. :o) When I have more time and funds, I'll probably be hitting up little hula girl crafts for ideas, Mamahood for more recipes, Silly's vinyl lettering for additional ideas, and hit up Maka for a photography workshop, but for now my little tid bits here and there will do. I really admire these women, doing their thang! Big ups to you ladies Myrna, Verlynn, Sieni, Omi, Prisila, Leslie and Leti. Thanks for the inspiration! Google is my BFF right now. I found a YouTube walk through clip and some Digital Scrapbooking Download freebies. I ♥ the Internet. I have advised my husband over and over, if you want to know something, look it up online. Read, read, read! There are many useful resources.  Here are some of the things I came up with, while playing around with these new methods and features I've acquired.I know it all seems really busy, but that was definitely what I was going for. I kind of like it better than the quick pages. because there's so much you can incorporate and implement. I have learned a little bit about digital scrap booking and as I beginner I wanted to share.

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