Book Fair...

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, Alana kept asking to raise her allowance from $1.80 to $10.00. Crazy, right? I asked her why a little girl her age, needed so much cash. She said it was for the book fair and that all the kids at school were making neat purchases. Of course, I replied no and explained the purpose of working for your money. I explained what money does for our family and the importance of budgeting and living within our means. I felt pretty good about our conversation.

Today, my husband picks me up and tells me he just gave Alana the money. I was shocked. I got real upset and told him about the conversation I had with Alana, the night before. He apologized as he was unaware that I declined her little request, earlier. We picked up Alana from school to drop her off at her Math Tutor and Reading Literature class and she told us she bought an eraser for $8.00. I was so upset. My first thought was, "OMG, this little girl didn't hear a word her mama said last night, I'm going to sasa her". I thought long and hard about it. I ended up talking to her about her withdrawn privileges. she will no longer be making any purchases from the book fair and that we will continue to only check out her books from the City Library.

I was so mad, I didn't even want to give her the cookies, my husband brought for her from work. My husband later laughed about it saying, "That crazy Hun, and $8.00 eraser". I told him not to bring it up before I heat up again. (lol) Patience is a real virtue, I'm still attempting to acquire. I sat her down and explain the worth of a penny and our economy. Mom & Dad's budget and our goals for the future that include money. Lesson learned.

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