Thanks for the reminder...

Last night was Alana's turn to say prayer. We've been really teaching her how to properly give thanks and ask for blessings and forgiveness. We explained to her that if someone needed help with something specific, to ask the Lord to help them lighten their burdens. I didn't realize she knew so much about our issues that she put each one of us on blast during prayer...

Please bless Mommy that she won't get mad and scream at Daddy anymore.
Please bless Daddy that he will still love mommy after she screams at him.
Please bless Grandma that she will not play games on the computer and let Papa watch TV.
Please bless Papa that he will have power and no pain to go and bring me stuff from the DI.
Please bless Jr. that he will find a good girlfriend to marry.
Please bless Mone that he will never lie to Ashly.
Please bless Ashly that she will never get mad at Mone.
Please bless Papa and Nana in California that they can hurry up and move to Utah.
Please bless Leina that she won't hit any one any more.
Please bless Clarice that she will marry again so Leina can have a good daddy.
Please bless Lisa so she won't work too hard.
Please bless Spencer that he won't walk in the rain and get sick.
Please bless Jerome that he will come over and take Papa to lunch.
Please bless Peter so he doesn't go to jail again.
Please bless Jazmyn that she won't say bad words again.
Please bless Chrystel and Sherm that they will move to Utah so I can play with Hadyn.
Please bless Hadyn that he will play football like daddy.
Please bless McKenzie that she won't bully me.
Please bless Pearl and baby Kaymani that they will move back to Utah.
and, Please Please Please give my Mommy the power to walk and do Zumba so she can lose weight.

Oh my! Thanks my dear for the constant reminder of how BIG Mommy got. LOL. I just love her little heart, but some days I think she's too smart for her own good. (o:

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