80% me again...

It's Friday and although it's been a bit of a rough week, I feel great! I started the Dave Palumbo challenge and I've never felt this good or this light, while carring a full stomach. I'm this week, I have not had to starve myself to feel this way. I started out slow with the workout part. The diet advises only 20 to 30 minutes of low cardio, keeping my heart rate at 120 beats per second. Even with my RA, this is attainable. I had some exhausting and painful morning that kept me in bed the beginning of the day, but by evening I pushed myself to get up and move. So I walked everyday until I felt my body loosen up. By, Wednesday I was Zumba(ing). Yesterday, I Zumba(ed) again. Can I just tell you how amazing my body feels? I mean my pain hasn't completely left me, but it's tolerable. I haven't felt this good in a long time. Not only has my diet and activity changed, but so has my supplements.Well, only one added to my daily pill spill. It's the Women's Living Green Liquid  - Gel Multi by Irwin Naturals. My husband thought I was wasting my time talking to the woman at Good Earth Health Foods, when I asked her for a vitamin that would help a little with my RA. OMG! I don't know if it's all in my head but man, I feel amazing. The pills are HUGE, I have to add fresh squeezed lemons in my water to swallow them without vomitting. Almost there! I know Humira will get me at my 100% me again, but 80% is good and I'll take what I can get. YaY!

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  1. Hey Niva! I just wanted to know that I'm so happy for you! I don't know how hard it would be living with RA, but I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! Green Suppliments are great! Sending prayers your way that things will get better and Zumba love! lol!