Manic Monday Random Rumblings.

Just a few Random thoughts as my RA Saga Continues... I have good news and bad news. Bad news first, I was denied the Enbrel treatment. BOO! Cigna you stink. (LOL) The good news is two days after I received notice that I have been approved for Humira treatment. YAY! I don't even care that this is a self injectable. Today, I feel like dancing, singing and just coming back to life. I want to walk in the rain on a beautiful nature trail and slow dance with my husband in our living room.

I'm OH SO EXCITED to get my body back. I can't wait to DANCE and get my Zumba ON...I've got to shed 85pounds by the end of the year. This will improve a whole lot of things. I'll finally be able to wear all my old jeans, floss high heels, take full body pictures, take my daughter swimming, let my husband make sweet amazing love to me, go to the gym with my brothers, really get back into the groove of life. OH MY done being a BAG LADY. (lol) but for reals.

I really want to join the "Save the Susu's" walk, but my body is telling me otherwise. UGH! I hate when that happens. I'm going to try walking today and everyday after. Let's see if this will work. I want to get more involved with the Cancer fundraisers, because my mother is a breast cancer survivor, my best friends son has cancer and cancer claimed the life of my favorite uncle, Alofa Tanuvasa.

Yesterday, I was totally humbled by General Conference. Today, a whole different story. Once again, Monday morning left me dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks. Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life. :P It's getting a little better with my R&B mix. RADIO KILLA! lol.

Excited for the FALL. Can't wait to pull out all the fall decor. Now that mom&dad are moving next door, we can really decorate the full porch. Got to check if my orange lights are still working. So much to do, so little time. Yes, Marie I will be attending your temple picture class and will hit up Leslie about paying my $52. I can't wait. SLC temple it is. That's our (Sho & I) temple. However, LA for my mother cause that's where our family was sealed.

It's been such a crazy day. Work was busy as ever. We were missing our #1 Brandon. (LOL) Cameron hooked it up by staying maxed all dizzo. Thank goodness. See, it's small blessing like that, I can acknowledge. OMG, I can't forget to contact some of the photography buddies to set up a session for Mone & Ash. They are just a gorgeous couple.Mone has always been handsome, but with his current weight loss, he looks absolutely amazing. That will be my late Anniversary gift to one of my favorite couples.

Okay, it's Monday and I'm feeling like this week started out just awful. It's CS Week and there were Einsien bagels provided, that I couldn't even touch. UGH! People were whining, acting the fool in chat and had me pounding on my keyboard, as if it was intended for their face. (lol) My protein shake was yummy this morning. Phentermine, is not allowing me anymore. My cotton mouth can't get enough water. On top of all of that, I can't stop going to the fale malolo. ARGH! WooSaa.. Music, it the only thing keeping me together, today.

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