Love has no gender...

As much as I love GLEE, I hesitated watching, "Grilled Cheesus", because of the faith and religion theme. It makes me very uncomfortable, wondering where do bisexual, transsexual, homosexuals and suicides end up.

After viewing this serious episode, I was left an emotional mess. I know what I believe is real. It just hurts to know that the reality is, there are so many wonderful souls lost at sea. I couldn't help but to get on my knees and prayer for these souls. I wish everyone really knew that there is a way to be "Together Again" as a family. Knowing this would comfort so many who lose their religion or faith because of a great loss in their family or life.

I know God is Real and that he loves us. I feel God is good and that comfort can really be found in his love for us. No disrespect to Atheist, but I can't understand ever going through life without faith in a higher power. There are some concerns I will address. Homosexuality. It's real. It's a battle, like those who fight hard every day against depression. I recently read a story about an LDS man who grew up in a Mormon home, who received his Eagle, served Sacrament in the youth faithfully, graduated from Seminary, served a full time mission, returning with honor, married in the Temple and raised wonderful children.

There was another side of his story. All through out his life, he always felt different. He had always been attracted to men. He fought these urges, as our religion condemns Homosexuality. Growing up, even before his mission he reportedly visited his Bishop regularly. They counseled him in accordance to the Proclamation, "We declare that God's commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife."

This man prayed and prayed. His family prayed and prayed. His friends prayed and prayed. His leaders prayed and prayed that his troubles and his burdens would lighten. This man wanted to love his wife the way Heavenly Father intended him to. He too believed that he was wrong to want to be with a man, such as himself. He continued life with this battle. Our dear brother no longer wanted to feel these urges, desperately trying to not sin, he took his own life. 

I have many Homosexual friends and family members, who I just love love love. They are the most bubbly, sassy and yet most caring people I know. Regardless of my faith, beliefs and testimony, which I can assure you cannot be waivered, I can't help but to feel so bad for our dear brother who lost his battle. I know Heavenly Father loves them. I know they will not be damned to hell. I'm just at a loss for words as my heart goes out to those who want to love those of the same gender, such as their selves. I hurt for those who have felt outcast from our religious network. I pray for you, not to be straight, but that you will find love and peace in all that you do and that our Heavenly Father will be mindful of you too.

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