I love my husband and I know he loves me. Regardless of our "ups" and KARAZEE "downs", I know he is as passionate about me as I am for him. Mary J. Blige & Trey Songz described us well.

We got hood love, I be cussing I be screaming
Like its over
Then I'm lonely then I'm feening just to hold ya
And that's how we do
You know that hood love is the good love
That's me & you
How feel love?
Well I'm with ya never quit ya &
Now that's real love
When your not here then I miss ya cuz
I still love the way we do
You know that hood love is the good love
Ya that's me & you ...

We love harder than we fight and believe me we fight like it ain't no body's business. People ask, how do y'all do it. Honestly, we just do. I feel like our marriage is a bit similar to my parents. It's not really healthy but at the same time you can't live with out it. We're definitely each other's drug. I know it sounds crazy, but those who have witness our love, know just how crazy we both are. (lol) I can't even believe I'm admitting it, but I'm just keeping it real. Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness, and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy.... or they become legend. I'm just crazy. Some people never go crazy like I do, and I think what truly horrible lives they must live? (lol) No, our love is just crazy, mostly because of me. My husband makes me nauseous and tingly all at the same time. Sometimes, I blush and heat up all over because I want to hug and kiss him at the same time I want to smack him. Have you ever heard the lyrics of a song and think, "Yes, that's us"? Well, today's IPod shuffle played a track that made me really feel like, "YES, that's our love".

I'm her baby, she's my shawty...
Now who's right there
Every time you cry
Go to sleep and wake up on your side
Endless love I always provide
They hatin' on us and you should know why
But who's been lovin' you lately?
Who's willin' to go half on the baby?
Who, who, who's tryin' to flag our ship?
They just tryin' to get the love you give
But baby

Tell me what they know about my love

So they don't understand why I never leave you
Explain my love I don't need to
Got everybody way up in our business
'Cause leaving each other
Stay on they wish list
I see them reaching every time
You call me baby
They on my back like a shirt
Get off me baby
They don't love me
Let 'em wonder why
here to stay and they goin' bye bye

Who's the one calling you baby?
Who's in love with yo @$$ like crazy?
Who, who, who's gonna flag down our ship?
Just tryin' to get the love you give baby

Girl my love is your love
And there ain't nothing in this world
That they can do to make me give you up
Ooo, ooo baby
You will always be my girl
So let 'em do whatever
Say whatever
'Cause I ain't givin' you up
No, no, no, no...

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