Living it up, buried life style...

I've always been a very active person. In middle school, I played every sport in our little league competitions. As I made my way to high school, I was in love with dance, modern dance. I played HS volleyball, basketball and took tae kwon do. During my young adults years, I fell in love with lifting and boxing. As a wife and a mother, my body has changed. All the things I love to do have been put on hold. Before my RA issues, it was the massive weight gain. I miss being active. I miss feeling the high of a great work out. I miss sweating while revving up on an exercise bike. I miss running the track. I miss the adrenaline rush of training. I was watching Lauren & Alex on SYTYCD and I felt a longing to get my body back in the groove. It's a little hard right now with the constant inflammation in my joints, but after watching the Beyonce "I am yours" concerts, something lit up inside me. I realized I'm not pursuing the joy in my life. I'm not living the life I was intended to. I need to discover how to live my life centered around what matters most to me. I'm no longer going to let my life be determined for me. I must recapture the spirit of adventure I had as a child, when I thought I was invincible and spent time dreaming of all the exciting things I was going to do when I grow up. Well, I made a bucket list. This is more of a constant growth motivator. I know I'll never get to do a lot of these things, but work hard to make some of these things happen...

Go Indoor Skydiving
Ride "The London Eye"
Indulge in NY's finest Pizza
Break a Guinness World Record
Get certified to conceal a weapon.
Take the Rocky Mountaineer in the Canadian Rockies
Train to Serve & Spike like pro-VB
Play acoustic guitar & ukulele
Brush up Writing & Reading Skills
Go Rock climbing
Acquire More Computer Programming Skills
Bungee Jump in Boulkran's River Bridge
See BIG Lights in NYC & Tokyo
Invent a convenient contraption to add to all the "As seen on TV" junk.
Go paragliding
Dance in a Modern Dance Concert
Write a Love Song
Climb the Eiffel Tower
Swim with the Sharks
Go to a Carnival in Rio De Jeneiro
Ride a Gondola in Venice
Sky Dive with my Friends
Pose Nude
Participate in a Triathlon
Learn Archery
Visit Italy, France, Costa Rica and the Mayan
Lay out in the Gold Coast, AU.
Go Canoeing and Kayaking
Swim across the English Channel
Take Kick boxing (cage fighting)
Dance in all forms
Check out a high end walkway display during NY fashion week.
Yoga & Surf on a beach
Learn to fly a plane
Ride in a Hot air balloon

To start I realize I need to create a blueprint of my ideal life, then take the necessary action steps to build this life. I have many reasons and many fears that hold me back from accomplish these dreams, like "I'm afraid". I'm not going to be a victim of circumstances, but the creator of my life. It's time to graze at life's all you can eat buffet. This will improve the quality of my life. In banishing my fears of imperfection, I know I'll be surprised at the woman inside me. My life has meaning and joy, I just need to fill it will engagement. I'm going to be the Hero in my life, prioritize my list, set specifics, measurable time bound goals I can achieve. I know I will need to commit and set empowering beliefs, boost my self image, visualize and rigorously exclude my fears. I'll need to train my reticular activating system, make time my ally, stick with a one hour formula that will help me get my physique right, create good habits to keep going, measure track my progress, go over, under, or around obstacles, strengthen my will power, enjoy my victory list and last keep a record of my Journey, here of course on Niva Diva Diaries.

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