Celebrating 2010 in style!

Now is my accepted time to make my regular annual resolutions and I’m not going to be paving hell with them as usual. I’m dropping this year into the past. I’m letting it all go because it was imperfect. I’m creating a new 2010 book with all blank pages and I’m going to fill it with all my mew crazy experiences and random expressions. It will be called Opportunity and, its first chapter is New Year’s Day. I’m going to celebrate it in style. Can excusable randomness and generosity, (tied together) be considered styles?

This is the year (2010) to pay all debts, save money and prepare for traveling in 2011. I plan to travel by starting with a cruise overseas and then off to visit the big lights in NYC for inspiration, maybe even get “leid” under the Hawaiian sun or relax on sandy beaches of the Caribbean’s. Someday I’ll get the opportunity to admire the Ruins in Italy or romance in Paris. This year is going to be the year to prepare for big things. I really need to make the move to get back in school. I’m determined to help Sho start school and keep him focused and motivated to get it done. Our income needs some real growing up to do. I know more than anyone else does, that my husband Sho can really do anything he puts his mind to, regardless of what his family thinks of him. I know that if we can get school out of the way, we can really make our move to Oregon. Who knows what the future will bring, but I know this is the year for both Sho and I to get educated. No more warehouse jobs breaking my baby's back. They may pay great, but I know he's better than that. I also know that to jumpstart the New Year change must begin in our home with me.

My physical appearance may also be in need of an upgrade. I feel like hair do is dated. If only Sho would let me cut my hair. Short is “IN”… A Line is still trendy? Right? (rolling eyes) I like to keep it sleek and black. OMG I SO SO SO need to cut weight. Ugh. I feel like the more I try to battle the bulge, the more I pack it on. Lisa even asked me to try out for “Biggest Loser” with her. Tempting, but I’m not sure I want the whole world to see what’s beneath these clothes. I guess I don’t want to WOW or WHOA people with what I’ve turned myself into. YES, I totally let myself go. Pictures are now shot from my chest up. How sad is that? I don’t want to be the pretty face big girl. Growing up, I’ve always tried to stay active and really did my best to stay as fit as I can, to feel comfortable and sexy in my own skin. Now, that I’m married to my dream man who loves all of me, regardless of my size. I’ve just gotten really lazy. (Mental Note: GET THE HELL UP) No more excuses. It's NOT OK TO LOOK LIKE SH!#. Ok, so now that I have decided to make this LEGIT, time to get a pass to the gym, visit my doctor, and make use of the elliptical in my room that Sho bought for my birthday. I need to be more concerned about what I eat between New Years Day to Christmas and not only the time between Christmases to New Years Day.

On a more mental note, you should not confuse my kindness as a signs of weakness and despair; it’s manifestations of strength and resolution. Besides finances and appearance, this year, my new year’s resolutions will include a lot of charity, grace, humanity, consideration, patience, affection and a whole lot of HEART. Christmas has taught me that I am happier giving than receiving. I was very pleased with my family’s reaction to their gifts from our little family. I worked hard to seek deals and purchase gifts that would mean something, or would make great use. Not just any gift to unwrap on Christmas. This brought a lot of suggestion to what I need to be focusing on for the next year. SERVICE with LOTS OF LOVE, unselfish love.
There will be no competition but lots of encouragement this year. One resolution I continue to strive for, is this: To rise above the little things. To see the good in all things and people. Many acquaintances of mine have given me great ideas of service and reminded me of the simple things I need to continue to appreciate. I am reminded daily to count my blessings. I know I have many. I’m going to break out of my comfort zone to be more outgoing and sociable. Meet, love and appreciate more people. Not just those with money and a status, but even the cashier at the shops I’m always visiting, the elderly at the retirement home or the clients at support living centers. Do more temple work for those on the other side of the veil. Maybe they’ll take some interest in blessing my life. I know this is the year to be that great exemplar for Lana. Especially for Lana. My jewel.

No more caring about what others think of me. I will be open to ideas of style in not just what I wear, where I live, and what I ride but in my attitude. I think of those who always seem happy, like the Makai sisters and my brother Mone. It’s the way they present themselves, the way they carry themselves. I always see them smiling, laughter, and bright eyes. It’s a style I need to adopt and make my own. No one wants to be around haters or a negative vibe and I don’t want to create one. We all have felt the unpleasantness and discomfort of being in the company of misery and man’s judgment. You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. I believe the Lord puts HAPPINESS right in front you because he loves us enough to make it visible in plain sight. We all have sweetness in our lives; it’s all in how we perceive it. Let it be known in how we present our selves. Turn the frown upside down.

I found a collection of all my past new year’s resolutions. I hate to admit that I’ve only followed through a few of them throughout the years. The end of this year will not be the end or beginning of something new, but it’s just a continuation with all the wisdom that experience has instilled in me. Trisha Yearwood couldn’t have said it better in Real Live Woman when she said, “I no longer justify reasons for the way that I behave. I offer no apologies for the things that I believe and say and I like it that way.” I have learned a lot this year about who I am. I have always been one to fess up to what I have done or said and apologized for it. Well, no more pleas. I’m imperfect and those that care don’t matter and those who don’t care definitely matter.

I gotta feeling! Yes, I know 2010 is going to bring great opportunities. I’m going to embrace it all with sophisticated style that only screams INDEPENDENCE.

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