Love Story

How we met…

1994 was a sweet year for me. I was 13 years old, living in good old El Monte. All though leaving Downey was one of the hardest adjustments, my life would ever experience in my adolescents, it was a good thing for me. School had just ended, allowing us a beautiful sunny summer. I had a successful year, I guess. Even my boxing matches at school had not stripped my title as Student body president of Potrero Middle School. I had an outrageous time, playing every sport imagined in Jr. High School. I had good friends and I had bad ones. I enjoyed being young, but wished for my sweet 16 to come around sooner, then the Lord had planned for me. My childhood crush had now become a reality of blissful conversations on the phone and all was well, of course until I met my destiny.

We were both young and not looking for anything new in our lives. Fate would soon turn us into each other's direction and our lives would never recover its same form again. A relative had invited me to join her in attending a LDS youth social, a dance, where kids ranging from ages 14 to 18 could meet and developed friendships or whatever. I must admit that at the time I felt it may be a waste of time to go, as I had already made up my mind, that I had already started talking to the one love I was meant for. As I wandered aimlessly around the dance, I felt a sense of eagerness to return home. I walked through the hall near the kitchen, where the refreshments were served and there walking through the entrance were a few handsome fellows, but only one stood out. My eyes locked onto this one tall, dark handsome young man. Now, I must admit, I felt a bit of a rush as my eyes gazed upon this beautiful sight. Who was this young man?

I continue to gaze upon him and in return, he couldn't help but to notice the fullness of curves, at such a young age. I must say, I was pretty blessed for a young girl, physically endowed with my womanhood at such an early age. I know he loved all of me. His eyes started at the top of my head and slowly made its way down to my feet. Thanks to my mother for purchasing that beautiful black dress because you know I rocked it. It hugged my body like a baby clinging on to its mother and the shoes I was flossing made my look, very sleek, sexy and slender, a triple threat. I know it was all about me, that night.

The DJ had been playing all the latest hits. Only one song would never be forgotten. "Close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candle light, cause tonight is just your night, we're going to celebrate all through the night". Yes, this was our song, our very first song together. Thank you Boys II Men, no other group could have set a better mood for us.

A sudden burst of courage in me started to pound in my chest like Asian drums. Slowly I walked over to where this young man stood with his entourage, and to my surprise he started walking towards me. Nervously I asked, "Would you like to dance"? He had such an inviting smile and replied, "of course". As we lost ourselves in the moment, I'll never forget his smile, his scent, his Wrigley’s spearmint breathe, he was so fresh, so clean and I was on cloud 9.

I wondered with disappointment, as he failed miserably by ending our conversation without making any further inquiry about me. I knew, without a doubt that he was in love with me, or should I say in love my body. (LoL) Many conversations with a relative and her friend led to our “Hook Up”. I was on a mission. I knew what I felt had been real. I’ve never felt so safe in a man’s arms. I knew he felt it too. My feelings were confirmed with countless communication between us. Besides his reputation, I knew he was mine forever. We loved each other so much and made it clear every time we saw each other.

Happily never after…

That’s the story of how we met. I wish I could suggest that we lived happily ever after that, but it’s not the honest truth. As crazy as we were about each other, the “Distant Lovers” thing never worked out for us. My family had decided to move to Utah. I met and dated others, as did he.

In 1996, after my father’s passing, I was on my way to Tonga for school. I had stopped to spend some time with my friends in Hacienda Heights. I attended a Young Single Adult (YSA) dance in Long Beach, where I had the opportunity to reunite with him. I’ll never forget how he noticed me and quickly asked me to dance. He had a girlfriend then, but it didn’t stop him from pursuing me and taking me in his arms. (lol). I’ll never forget the song, “Let it Flow” (by Toni Braxton) and how it made us feel while we were slow dancing. There he was with that inviting scent, again. He asked me to take a walk with him. We went outside and he immediately kissed me. Oh how I love his kisses. I’ll never forget how he told me he loved me just like he did in 1994. He told me he never stopped loving me. I told him I couldn’t stay but he insisted that I marry him because he didn’t want to spend another day without me. Although I knew I’d miss him like crazy, I took that flight to Tonga.

When I returned from Tonga, I was surprised to hear that he still wanted me to be a big part of his life. He still wanted to make me his wife. How could I refuse? I never stopped thinking about him in Tonga, nor did I ever stop loving him. Even with all of that, our engagement failed us.

The Saga Continues…

1997, he found me again and wanted me back. I’m not sure why he kept returning. Maybe I was his cushion when he would fall back from something. I’m not sure why, but he kept coming back. This last time almost made me hate him forever. He said he had to let me go again because he was to marry another who claimed to be expecting his child. He left again and I met Australia.

2001, we were connected for a moment and discussed what he and I had been through, while apart. I made it very clear that I did not want to have anything to do with a divorced man. A man with a past I thought may be worst then mine. Life had thrown many curve balls at me. After the storm had settle, I didn’t want to settle for anything less then what I had before. I found out the hard way, just how wrong I was not to give his love a fifth chance for romance. I should have known better that he was all I needed. I didn't want to forgive or forget what had happened between us. And, fate would hurt me one more time before returning to his arms to feel his undying love for me.

This time it’s forever love . . .

2005 after all the heartache and all the bitterness, I prayed for love. Not just any kind of love. A love that was familiar. A love that is sweet. A love that could heal my heart from what he and others had put it through. A love that made me feel like I belonged. A love that I have felt before. A love that would be eternal. People always say that, “If you love something, let it go and if comes back, it’s yours. If not, then it was never yours to begin with”. He returned to me with arms wide open and ready to love me forever.

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