Saryn's Wedding

Saryn Schwenke is my first cousin through my mother. My mother's brother (Uncle Paul) has one son on a mission and Saryn who was married yesterday, a son in High School and two younger daughters in Elementary School. A beautiful family. Saryn was stunning bride, absolutely beautiful. She was married in the Salt Lake City Temple on a cold winter morning, yesterday. She had a luncheon at her parents home during lunch hour and a reception at the Court House in Provo, at night. It was beautiful. I'm so proud of her. Although, it was Saryn's wedding day, we just love to capture moments hanging with the cousins!

Our (some) Schwenke family members with the bride and groom.

Some of mama's sibling with Bride & Groom. My mama is the beautiful woman on the right end of this picture and we all just love her so much.

Saryn and Uncle Paul

Lana & Tasi...

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins...

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