This month was super duper fun and busy month. Today is a day of relaxing, recooperating and returns. As I sit here exhaling from all the Holiday Festivities and plan for the New Year, I can't help but to be so thankful for yesterday. Yesterday, we spent the day at mom's very simple and humble cottage for dinner, gift exchange and games. Mom invited all the siblings & family, cousin Tue, Derek and Na'a, Aunt Kat's family, and my dear in laws Spence and Lisa. It was a full house. Mom did most of the cooking and we baked. Ash and Lisa provided the bomb corn bread and dinner rolls. The food was amazing.

Mom&Dad bought leather jackets for the Men & a little one for Pete on the end (lol).

Each year has been a family tradition for us to pick names on Thankgiving for Christmas. We are all assigned an item for exchange on Christmas. Last year, we did Christmas Pajamas. This year was scarves, gloves and hats. Next year, sweat shirt hoodies. So Fun! We played board games, poker, dominoes and video games. Afterwards, we all went to Thanksgiving Point to watch "Avatar" at the movies.

Lose had Mone
Mom had Derek
Spence had Jr.
Lisa had Peter
Sho had Lisa
Niva(I) had Ashly
Mone had Na'a
Ashly had Niva(me)
Jerome had Spencer
Jr had Lana
Tue had Sho
Derek had Lose
Lana had Mom
Na'a had Jerome
Peter had Tue

Here's what it all looked like...

Mom & Dad...

Spence & Lisa...

Us (Sho, Niva & Lana)...

Mone & Ash. . .

The Single Men...

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