Parenting Challenge & Check (Random Thoughts)

Before Alana, I honestly couldn’t stand children. Despite my love for my young cousins, I was totally annoyed by little children. As bad as it may sound, I just didn’t have time to deal with misbehaved brats. My judgments on how others raised their children slapped me back in the face. I thought I had it down pack. I was so sure that my child would always exercise obedient manners. I was always hard on and short with kids, thinking I could teach them something by emphasizing the entire list of do’s, dont’s, do-not’s, no no no’s, wrong, don’t touch, stop and bad. I even thought raising my voice and hand would make them understand that they don’t need to be acting like that. Like what? Like a normal kid would act? I thought my child would never embarrass me like that in public. Always thinking, if that were my child, she would really get it from me. How wrong was I?

Alana has taught me so much about to be a good listener, how to take the time to understand why she feels, says, acts and does the things she does. I love being around her, even when she does embarrass me. She has made it so much more pleasant for me to be around other children. She’s helped me to appreciate other kids and what makes them unique. She has such a great love for others. Although, some may be really mean to her, she is so quick to forgive and forget. I mean she really forgets how others may mistreat her. She may cough up her little attitude at a time or two and (omg)yes, it does drive me crazy.(Note to self: WWJD)At the end of the good day (which is almost everyday with Lana), it feels good going to bed, knowing that I didn’t do anything to hurt her. I know she remembers how good I am to her each and every day. As I have said before I love her so much, it hurts. I want her to know how special she is to me.

Those who do not have children of their own, will know what I mean when it's their turn. Like me, you may not be able fully appreciate children until you have your own. Those who are now patient with children, will be the most perfect parent a child could ever ask for and may the Lord bless those parents with plenty.

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