At little late but I wanted to jot down some things about how great Thanksgiving was. No pictures because I totally forgot my camera. It was a great morning waking up to Sho's baking. He was up and baking like it was Christmas Eve. (LoL) I caught a tear or two that morning thinking about all the things I was thankful for. Lana just loved the Macy's parade on TV. Although, Mom thought it was going to be a flop because Jerome and Pearl were in Washington and Mone had caught a small case of the swine flu, so it was just Mama, LoDawg, Pete, Joon, and my little family, it was absolutely amazing. Mom is always good about cooking EVERYTHING, she only asked me to bring the Yams & Marshmallows. Sho made the bomb brownies. 3 different flavors. One word: Delicious! Thanksgiving turned out better, it's always better and better with each new year. For me, what makes a great Thanksgiving is the food and mama's cooking is always #1 to me. She made the best meal. Thanks Mama!

As the night fall, Sho and Lana took our tree out. Since it's pre-lit, we just put that up. It's been our family tradition to pick names for assigned gift giving, name one thing you're thankful for and put up Christmas Decor on Thanksgiving night. It really made me sad to take down my fall decor. This Thanksgiving we wanted to make sure Lana got to watch Christmas Carol in 3D. That was fun! Although the ghost of Marley scared Lana to death, I enjoyed the film. We went to the movies with my favorites, Spence & Lisa. They always keep things pop'n. Maybe it's a Cali thang. (LOL) I wish I had Lisa's energy, but I'm always thinking of curling up in front of my TV. Anyways, it was a great Thanksgiving!

Daddy's Deserts!

Lana with Daddy only putting up the tree.

Lana loves this time of the year!

Only some of the decor going up. Great Job Lana & Daddy!

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