Although, I did nothing this weekend but chill around the house, I did manage to get all my wrapping done. I totally camped in my PJ's watching reruns of "The Sing-Off" which I totally loved, "Go NOTA!". Anyway, I'm so so so excited for Christmas. All this shopping done and not one thing under the tree for Sho, Alana and I. This was our year for giving. It feels great! We are excited because I did not pay full price for any of these gifts. Everything was purchased during amazing sales (50% to 80%)I found great deals in the papers. Everything here I got double the value but only a fraction of the cost. I'm so proud of how we got our shopping done before the crazy (hustle and bustle) last minute crowds move in. I know everyone's going to love our gifts and we're so excited to give them out on Christmas Day.

Last year, we did alot of shopping for ourselves and enjoyed Christmas with the Hickman's. This year, Mom is having Christmas meal at her home. This year's going to be crazy fun because it's not just my immediate family but we also have cousin's Tue and Derek and my favorite inlaws Spence and Lisa over. My sister Pearl just texted me last minute to let me know her family will be showing up after all because her and baby's flight gets in Christmas Eve. NICE! It's going to be a full house and you know what they say, the more the merrier! YaY!

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