Every happy woman has at least one ex behind her, this one's a winner!

I'm going to keep it real in 2010. Allot of things I'll be posting this year, may shock you about me. It ain't nothing but the hard core truth. So, my cousin was texting me because she wanted me to check one of my friend's photo albums on Face Book, to see picture of my ex-fiancĂ©. I must say, I was hesitant. The crazy thing is that his daughter had a baby making him a grandpa and you know I'm too young to be married to a G-paPa. This ex of mine and I had too much in common that we really just couldn’t work it out. Libra's are really dangerous. My birthday landed on the same day as his. I was born on his 10th birthday. I know it seems silly to be blogging about him, but the moral of this will make sense. So, there I was checking out what he looks like, here 10 years after our relationship had ended. No bad, not great. I mean, if you really knew how this guys was. He really thought he had mad swagger.

I feel bad for saying that I held on to him because he was like that so called trophy husband that ain't the business and women fake the funk like his stuff didn't stink. You know the kind that makes mad money, body like a rock star, flawless profile but then the attitude is whack as hell. Yes, that's the kind I'm talking about. Maybe, it was the huge gap in age. I mean he was 10 years older than me. He was my ticket out of here, but at a high price. He had a lot of expectations. It's funny how I totally experienced the whole wine and dine on his fat dimes, just to realize that he wasn't for me. I mean he really knew how to take a lady out for a good time. The money was great but I mean I had to pay a real high price for this guy. He chose what food I ate, clothes and shoes I wore. He had me on a crazy workout schedule. When I came back from Australia, my friends and my mom really thought he was starving me. I wasn't happy. I used excuses about other things he provided to make up for the things that were wearing me down and out. Who the hell was I?

I cared a great deal for him but he just wasn't for me. Looking at these recent pictures of him made me so glad I ended up with my first love, Sherwin. Only Sho can handle this. I mean literally, because ya know I'm crazy. I get crazy, like a nerve in me that just wants to stomp, kick, sock and scream, when things just don't go my way. Hoi, kalofae Sho. He's makes my bedrock. His big arms keep me warm. He lets me be me, no matter how crazy I get. Sho gives me butterflies in my stomach each time we meet. He gives me the "tingles" just thinking of him and that look of love he gives me. He loves my body just as it is. His kisses are sweet. I know I say this all the time but he really really loves me and all of me. He's just right for me. The funny thing is that my ex-fiancĂ© was my rebound when Sherwin left me. Weird, aye? I know ya are probably thinking, this girl got crazy balls to be posting about her ex. (Keeping it Real) Many x’s have come and gone but thank goodness I married my favorite. (lol) Anyways, I told Sho last night what had happened and that I was glad it's him and no one else. You can imagine my night ended with fireworks. AaaaaahMaZing! I love my man!

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