Thinking. . . thinking... thinking... and more thinking about my little step sister, whom I just love. Since, she left Utah, she's been on my mind. I miss her. All the years my mother was married to Lose, we never really knew my step sister Pearl. She's a real jewel. When she turned 18, she left her mother in Washington to live in Utah to get to know her father and his family. How come my mother felt it would be best for her to live with Sho and I and not with her father and my mother? It was all good. Regardless, of things that can annoy me about anyone, including her, I grew such a great love for her. I always wanted a sister. Regardless of her upbringing, she was definitely a Bernard. I could tell in the way she looked, ate, slept and her randomness and indecisiveness in all things. She came with a fresh attitude, ready for change. She really fit in with the family. She's beautiful, very laid back and a great cook. Anyhoot, to make the long story short because I'm not about to air her business up in here. She got married young, had a beautiful baby and now facing a possible divorce. As much as I wanted to say, "I told you so about young love" I can't bring myself to it. She's is in so much pain, and I feel she is turning in the wrong direction to cope with it. I know she is a a breaking point and as she is breaking free, I hope she's careful. I only wish the best for her. I'm here for her. Words could not express how terrible I feel for her and baby Kymani. Why do I feel like it's our (Sho and I) fault for introducing them to each other?

Pearl & Kymani

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