Although life goes on, the pain remains...

I really dislike Mondays, especially today. I thought maybe I hate today, because it's been so busy, or because it's the start of the week and I'm still trying to recuperating from the weekend. As the hours roll round, I thought a whole lot about the great losses we experience in life. I feel the pain that families feel after the death of a loved one. I remembered when my father passed away, it took the weeks following his funeral (after everyone left) to really feel the absence of his presence, that void. It still hurts. Not hearing his laugh, jokes, and lectures or seeing him walk around the house because he could never sit still. Even during trying times, when I see my mother struggle and I think of him. I'll never forget him. My daughter will always know that he left his mark and he was here. Although, it's been years, and so much time has passed, the pain I felt before is still there. I can't help but to always talk about what it would have been like if he was here. It hurts. With each tears I have shed today, it still hurts.

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