Must read BOOKS

I've always loved and enjoyed reading and writing. I always wanted to be a journalist or an editor when I was a kid. I just never made enough time for these interest, until now that I have decided not only to make positive changes, like returning to school, keeping a journal, purchasing a dictionary but also exercising my mind, my heart, my soul and of course my understanding of the things I read and being able to comprehend the material. Now I have really gotten into inspirational and motivational material, like biographies, historical struggles, short stories, quotes and thoughts. I just need to brush up and exercise my memory to assist in applying these lessons into my life. These are all my personal favorites and books that I have already read and that's why I'm recommending them and I'll try to remember all the authors... The more books I continue to read and remember to record, the longer this list will get. Enjoy!

A pocket full of miracles.
Legacy of Faith:Tongan Saints
We are Sisters
Purity & Passion
Standing on a Promise
One more River to cross
Bound for Canaan
The last mile of the way
Why I Believe
Covenant and the Fire
The Wednesday Letters

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