My brother Loloa, Jr. has always been the calm one in our family. Very collected, calm and cool. He's got a heart of a champion, he's disciplined and usually makes responsible choices in his young life. Maybe he's learned from us, older siblings. He's very selective, when it comes to women and friends. He's got unconditional love for his family. He's hardworking and just an all around amazing guy. Joon and I never got really met eye to eye until my husband Sherwin came along. This is a blessing, because I have learned more about this brother and have come to not only love him but respect him. I can never see my life without him. I love this brother so much. He's the rock that keeps our mother grounded. A real mama's boy. I regret to announce that he's leaving for the summer, for work. These past few months, he's been working down the street from me. We car pool every morning and it's been more than fun, chatting and eating breakfast in the car, with my brother. I'm really going to miss this big guy. I wish you the best bro, in all your success! I love you Joon!

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