Love me...

My heart was broken at sweet sixteen

I beg the Lord for someone kind to me

and how he works in mysterious ways

I just could not explain or say

I asked him for certain qualities in a man

praying that he will come to understand

who would help me come closer to thee

and love me unconditionally

I asked him for a man worthy of his calling

Someone who would not pull me down while he's falling

A man will to serve the Lord on his mission

Someone willing to coop, understand and learn of me

and holds his priesthood high and faithfully

Some one who loves the Lord, himself, family and I

and plants flowers in my heart that beauty never dies

Someone cleanly romantic through creativity

who forgets my past and plans my future with me

Someone to take long walks on the beach or in a park

who's morally clean, and beauty shines and sparks

Someone who will meet me on that two way street

A man kind hearted, sensitive and sweet

Someone to feel safe with and not to sin

One who is there through thick and thin

Someone to cry and laugh with, someone mature

And, who will help to make this relationship endure

Someone who I can truly see.

He who will love me for me.

-Siniva Tuha

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