Dream Love...

Mommy Dear is it honestly true?

Did you love Daddy and he love you?

Am I able to repeat that romance in my life?

and live happily as his beautiful wife?

Will our existence hopefully cross real soon?

or will I be lonely this midsummer June?

Mommy when he comes, will his arms be wide open?

and will he cherish me with words unspoken?

Is he going to sing and strum his guitar?

or will he melt my heart into the stars?

Do you think maybe he already knows

that a tear will drop with a single rose?

Oh my heart may tremble with the touch of his hand,

Dear Mommy do you think he will understand,

The deep impression he will leave on me?

Will he agree that we are meant to be?

Maybe he will paint my love life with creativity?

or grow with me through time and eternity?

Oh how I wish for it all to be true,

to stand at the altar, vowing "I DO".

Mommy do you think I may be blessed with that love,

the love for me that you and Daddy have always dreamed of?

-Siniva Tuha

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