Touched by Lehi Fa Taha (41)...

I have a confession and hate to admit that I have been a bit inactive. My RA issues are not to blame. Just me, I've been taking (dis)advantages of my Sabbath. It was time to go back to church. It was time to rebuild my testimony. I feel my family has been so blessed. The good Lord has blessed us tremendously. We have never been homeless, lonely or hungry. Our homes has always been warm, welcoming and always provides, not only shelter but nutrition to us and those whom come to visit. I love our home. I love my family and friends. I love my like. It was time for me to pay my respects and gratitude to our Heavenly Father. I'm deeply indebted to him. I could have not picked a better day to return to church.  Today, we received some surprising news. Our ward is splitting. Today has been one of the most emotional and heart felt Sundays. Sunday school started with an astonishing lesson about Job's goodness, his integrity. Relief Society was full of joyful tears as we laughed and cried together. The message from Julie Beck's general conference talk, really inspired us. We all felt the motivation to be more charitable and to really service and love one another. I really admire and truly appreciate the Sisterhood in this ward. Their bond is well established by the Spirit of God. The spirit's presence filled the room with so much love and respect. I genuinely felt so much love for each of the women in this organization. I sincerely respect these women. They are not my friends, they are my sisters.

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