Today, after church, I took a long nap. As I awoke, I was compelled to open my scriptures. I started to cross reference (JST) some of the versus in Micah to complete my understanding of our Gospel Doctrine lesson today. After wards I picked up Stand a Little Taller and read some of Gordon B. Hinckley's thoughts. Amazing! I read a few pages of his counsel and felt inspired to pray. I put a lot of thought and meditation into my prayer. After conclusion of my pray, I felt the need to visit I pulled up some hymns and started to sing, then I started watching some videos. This one left a great impression on me.

My greatest gift is Alana. Although, she has become snappy, feisty and more demanding than ever. I'm always thinking of how much I miss my sweet little LanaBear, because my growing LanaStar has gotten a little more chicky than I could ever imagine. I take blame in shaping her attitude with lack of gratitude. Have I given her too much freedom? Have I given her too much of what she doesn't need? How can I make her understand that the Strippling Warrior's are far more cooler than the Jonas Brothers? How can I help her not get caught up in the world? The answer is simple. Stick to the basics with the virtue of Patience. We must bring our children up in truth and light. This includes working together, reading together, learning together and praying together. This can simply be done, not with standing the frenetic pressure of our daily lives. And although I wish I had more children, Lana is my greatest gift from God. She has blessed me with the eternal partnership of the Lord.

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