Valentine's Day...

This was seriously one of the most hated occasions in my life, until I married my sweetheart. He's made every Valentine's Day and amazing one for me. I've never loved red roses so much until I married him. This was our fifth Valentine's Day together. I wasn't really looking forward to it, because it was on a Sunday and he had to work. Without fail, he made sure that I would wake up to this:

He also made sure Lana would experience a Happy Valentine's Day. Lana, our Princess was so excited about "LOVE" day. He wanted her to feel special on that day, too. So he set up this for her:

I'm not big about purchasing, what I've always considered a cliche, flowers, chocolates, stuffed teddy bears, cards from the store. I must admit, my husband has turned me into a sucker for these Valentine novelties. I was amazed and how charming he went about setting up our Valentines surprise. I made breakfast for him, before he went to work. While he was at work, I made sure the house was tidy, the laundry was cleared and that I had Lana fed and put to bed.

When he got off at night, he was surprised to receive a text message from me, that read, "Hope your hungry, I made a special reservation for two. Meet you in the kitchen at 10:15pm. It's a date!" He walked in the house to find it dark and dim. In the kitchen, he found candles lit everywhere, with a table set for two. I greeted him and served him a nice grilled Salmon dinner. We ate and laughed about funny moments we had together. Our song "I'll make love to you" by Boyz II Men was playing on the Ipod dock, in repeat, the entire time. As we finished dinner, the song started again and he asked me to dance in our Living Room. We slow danced and kissed through the song. He thanked me for a wonderful dinner and went to prepare for bed. I quickly cleaned up and made may way to the room for movies and a surprise massage. He's been working out so much, I wanted to help loosen up his muscles. Although, we had movies laid out as planned, we ended up watching "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". As we fell asleep, he kissed me on the forehead and said, he loved me so much. It was the most romantic evening we've ever had, in the comfort of our own home.

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