My daughter has been grounded for almost a full week now, for being a bit dishonest about her school work. Grounding means no TV, sleeping over grandma's, friends or cousin's over the weekend, no swimming and no barbies. Although, my husband lectured Alana in a calm tone, her punishment was set for two weeks. We wanted to show her how serious we were about what she had done. It's actually been a great thing. She's become more creative with her markers, crayons and colored pencils. More reading everyday, is improving her speech and thinking skills. Alana has always blown me away with clever things that she has said, done and gotten away with. I only regret not recording any of it on paper journal or blog. However, yesterday's chuckle has not left my mind. She had a "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!" moment. Going on one full week of her punishment, not having the Television on, has really gotten to Lana. We were walking out of Grandma's house and saw birds flying towards the South in a V shape. Lana gazed at the sky, in amazement. The V shape broke into, what look like birds flying in a IV position. Lana was so excited and yelled, "Grandma, Mom, look the birds, they are talking to me" I asked her what are they saying to her, she replied, "They're saying TV to me". I was like, "Oh yea?" and she said, "yeah, they said I can watch TV", I asked, "Lana, are you sure?", she replied, "At least in the morning". (LOL) She is just too much, I tell ya, but still grounded.

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