Biggest Loser...

It's that time again. . . (drum roll) Biggest Loser, Cybersource style, which I fail every year. Not because of bad eating habits and lack of cardio, but because of my health issues. Well, this year is different. Something has really awakened in me. I've been kicking my activity in gear. I've been recording my intake and not eating after 7pm. It's a struggle but I've been a bit more educated in "My Health and Wellness" department. Wish me luck to win that pot, this year!

With all that being said, I've never watched this "Biggest Loser" show before. I catch clips here and there. I should have watched it. It's quit motivation. I was so emotional. I don't know why I never watched this before. It was inspiring, when the old man on the Yellow team came back to weigh in and show that he lost 51 pounds on his own, and in 30 days. WHOA... My brother's are big fans because they enjoy fitness and they definitely show their support to our people. Meaning the Polynesian men who have stepped up to the challenge on this new and the last season. Anyways long story short, my brother Mone and I kept texting eachother during the show... funny funny conversation during the show.

Siniva: Hey Bro? You watching that BL show?

Mone: Yea

Siniva: Me too.

Mone: It's tight

Siniva: OH heck no... (during elimination) Hella drama.

Mone: I know, crazy, right?

Siniva: I don't like that white chick on the red team, what's her problem?

Mone: This was last weeks episode. The new one is next.

Siniva: That's tight! What happens after elimination? Do you still get trained or what?

Mone: No, but you get a free gym membership and sponsers that will help you until the season finale.

Siniva: OMG... I can't believe that blue team... 24lbs & 45lbs? WTH

Mone: LOL dang I wonder what the Yellow team weighs?

Siniva: I know right. I'm rooting for the Yellow Team, the dad looks like my father in Law. Body wise. LoL

Mone: (after commercial) Here we go...

Siniva: OMFG... That daddy lost 51lbs. WTF. . . in 30 days? There's hope! I'm all teary eyed. That old man is the

Mone: LoL Ash is emotional too. :) :)

Siniva: (watching the chick on the red team work out) This chick kills me.

Mone: LoL Such a freakin baby. Just makes me want to slap that lady!

Siniva: I know, right! WTH

Mone: (watching the challenge) Poor fat guy in the white team. HUH

Siniva: Go Sam!

Mone: Poor fat guy trying to come up with a stradegy, thinking about 80's music.

Siniva: OH HECK NO... He passed up the other guys and is going head up with the Sam on the gray team.

Mone: LOL. That damn 80's music!

Siniva: I think I'm going to try working out to 80's music. Not too fast, not too slow.

Mone: LOL

Siniva: Alright goodnight bro! I think I might sign up to be the next contestant.

Mone: That would be TIGHT!

Siniva: Love ya!

Mone: Love you too sis.

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