Dear Fellow Bloggers...

Since I started blogging , it's been a great venture for me. I was introduced to the blog world by my dear SIL, last summer. I wasn't too sure about how to get started until, I stumbled across a few individual blogs. I was amazed by other blogger's creativity with pictures and post, which provided me details and a visual of what a day in their life is like. These were adventures, autobiography, close-up, confessions, diary, experiences, journal, letters, life history and story. There were memoirs, personal account, narrative, records, picture, profile, and sagas. Their own stories told in their own words and published by their own hands. Raw, yet simple truths.

Blogging is meant to be a noteworthy experience and not manipulated by animosity. I have grown a great respect, admiration and love for all the bloggers that I follow. Bloggers, I know personally and some I've never met. They have shared amazing stories, activities and truths. I've received creative concepts on how to spend fun time with my daughter, how and where to date my husband, DIY quick fixes, motivation to work it (my body) out, and FHE ideas. I have been touched by many bloggers who confess true convictions and compassion. This has granted me courage to post things that I may not be proud of but truly feel inside me. It's therapy for some and encouragement for others.

It's repulsive, that there are cynics who snoop in zealous and sleazy spite. Although, there are few, the reality is they exist. If anyone is at lost, it's those who use our post for the wrong reasons. In their appetite for gossip, they tend to gobble down everything before them, only to find, too late, that is is their own ideals they have consumed, and they have not been enlarged by the feast but only by the diminished. What disturbs people's minds are not events but their judgments on events. They may take your post and twist your logs but their intentions will never suppress your essence in any given circumstances. Remember that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. Be not discouraged by these egotistical fibbers. Love one another, that is the height of all philosophy. My friends. . . know thyself and follow your bliss!

Respectfully yours,

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